‘The Right Stuff’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 Premiere on Disney Plus

Disney + exploded into space with the Friday premiere of the Mercury Seven series – or at least prepared the right stuff. But are you For the flight?

Before you chime in with your thoughts, a brief recap of the two-episode premiere and the first half of its lead players: The play begins on May 5, 1961, with a tense scene, the day the first American man will be in space. Launched in Astronaut Alan Shepard (played by) Infinite‘Jake McDorman) accused his Mercury Seven teammate John Glenn (Suit‘Patrick J. Adams) were going behind his back.

Cut to 1959, when the NASA program is starting and its leader Chris Craft (BoschEric Ladin) and Bob Gilruth ()Once upon a timePatrick Fisher), looking for the country’s best test pilots to be their astronauts. Russia is far ahead of the Americans in their space efforts, so Kraft and Gilruth need to move quickly And Cleverness. Unfortunately, one of the characteristics of being a test pilot is the tendency to die prematurely, leaving quite a few candidates on their list. But there are still some promising hopes, primarily Glenn, a pilot for the Marines who is looking for a new adventure and to make a name for himself after reaching an age where the horizon for him as a Marine But not too much. A devoted husband to his wife Annie (Gray anatomyNora Zethner) and a non-drinker, Glenn is a neat-cut guy who shakes his head as his fellow pilots prod him and sleep around.

Although married to Lewis (OcShannon Lucio), Shepard is the biggest flirt of the bunch, as well as an arrogant rule-breaker who knows how good of a naval pilot he is. In fact, he does not think he will be chosen as one of the Mercury Sevens. He thinks he’s going to be First man in space, He confidently tells Glenn. This is why After He almost misses his chance and shows up late for the first recruiting meeting, after which the men are put through a series of tests to knock the pool down.

The Right Stuff Premier RecapThen there Gordon “Gordo” Cooper (Once upon a timeOne Colin O’Donhog), a United States Air Force pilot who wants to be part of the much-touted Mercury program, but has one problem: he and his wife Trudy (Chicago Fire‘S Eloise Mumford) are separated, and NASA is looking for men with stable families. So Gordo persuades Trudy and her daughter to come back home and pretend to have a happy marriage.

The remaining seven are filled by Mark Scott Carpenter (one Tree HillJames Lafferty), Wally Shirra (crazy manAaron Staton), Gus Grissom (The undergroundMichael Trotter) and Deke Slayton (Escape on DannemoraMica stock).

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