The return of Big Las Vegas proves to be a high-wire act

LAS VEGAS- The cabaret-variety show “Absent” became a long-running hit by putting artists close to the audience in a circus tent outside the Cabaret Palace.
“There used to be a point where the Green Fairy would stick its fingers in someone’s mouth,” said artist Hazel Hansuschle, whose angel shouts in front of Bursk’s crowd and closes the show. “It’s clearly out.”
The “Absinthe” lasted a decade before the epidemic stopped in March.
It aims to reopen on Wednesday night, one of the first shows wanting to return to the Las Vegas Strip, testing whether freewheeling entertainment may be in line with epidemic regulations and still benefit Can earn
The stakes are high for casino operators and thousands of workers. The city has to be a place for both leisure and business travelers which is much more than slot machines and poker tables. It includes an ecosystem of big-name artists, request shows, top chefs, splash events and conventions.

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