The Republican Party of Kansas is about to cancel the 2020 committee because it believes that only Trump can win

SANTA ANA PUEBLO, N.M. It is likely that the Republican Party of Kansas will cancel its presidential nominating bademblies in 2020, another sign of Republican Party loyalty to President Trump in the case of a primary challenge.

The president of the Republican Party in Kansas, Kelly Arnold, told the Washington Examiner He planned to recommend party officials to resign from a Kansas presidential committee, even as some prominent Republicans flirt with the launch of a general offer to oust Trump in the 2020 primary. Arnold said there are more efficient methods to select the Trump delegates to the nomination convention in Charlotte.

"I'm going to have conversations with our state committee so that's probably the direction we should take," Arnold said Wednesday while in New Mexico for the winter meeting of the Republican National Committee. "I don `t believe [the caucus] It's how you need it when you have a candidate. "

The Republican Party of Kansas may not be the only state affiliate of the RNC to skip a nomination contest in 2020.

At the end of December, the Republican Party of South Carolina revealed Washington Examiner that could discard its primary to block the advance of Republican opponents of the president. A handful of Republicans are mentioned as possible top Trump challengers, including former Ohio Governor John Kasich, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Senator Ben Sbade of Nebraska.

The Republican Party of South Carolina received a negative reaction, and critics accused him of trying to manipulate the president's re-election. Ironically, this accusation was a common Trump saying when he was seeking the party's presidential nomination in 2016. But Glenn McCall, the veteran member of the RNC committee of South Carolina, said the party was still in the process of canceling the 2020 primary. .

"No, no," McCall said, when asked directly if he expected the Republican Party of South Carolina to hold a presidential primary next year, Arnold suggested that Kansas would probably cancel the committee to preserve resources. adopted this approach in the past when a titular Republican was presented for re-election.

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