The report says Oracle’s bid for Chinese-owned Ticketcock has failed

Oracle’s bid to serve as Chinese-owned Tiktok’s ‘trusted technology provider’ is lowered to address Trump’s national security concerns “

  • Trump’s national security advisors still worry about the deal
  • Oracle Offers Less Than Outright Acquisition of TikTok
  • Chinese ByteDans Proposed Oracle as ‘Trusted Technology Provider’
  • But many Republican senators withdrew that proposal
  • China has updated its export controls to ban foreign sales of Ticcott’s algorithm.
  • If a deal fails to gain approval, Trump vows to ban Tikok in the US

Oracle’s bid to buy Tiktok from Chinese-origin BiteDance has overcome a lack of requirements from the Trump administration that the video-sharing app represents a national security concern.

The proposed deal has drawn continued concerns from national security officials that could block President Donald Trump’s decision, people familiar with the deal told Bloomberg News on Wednesday.

Oracle announced on Monday that it was part of a proposal submitted by the US Treasury Department to BuyDance, which serves BiTence as a ‘trusted technology provider’, providing no further details on the terms of the deal is.

The Trump administration will soon make a decision on the proposed deal, White House press secretary Kayle McNee said on Wednesday.

Oracle’s bid to buy Tiktok from Chinese parents BiteDance to address national-level concerns reportedly comes down from requirements from Trump administration

‘We will decide here in short order.’ ‘I don’t want to go further than the president, but obviously we care deeply about protecting the data and safety of American citizens.’

Marco Rubio and five other Republican senators have called on the Trump administration to reject the deal if the Chinese boss had a connection with the bickend.

Rubio, the first senator to call the administration to investigate TickTock over censorship concerns, said in a letter to Trump that ‘serious questions’ remain about Oracle’s role, the technology it will provide to ByteDance, and the application’s algorithm. Future of

Rubio wrote in the letter on Wednesday, ‘We are opposed to any deal that requires China-based or controlled entities to maintain the code or algorithms that operate any US-based version, any US-based version of Tiktok. , Will allow to control or modify.

He added, “We are delighted that this deal still requires government approval, and if reports indicating this proposed deal will maintain contact with ByteDance or other Chinese-controlled entities, we will ask the administration for national security Aadhaar insists on rejecting such a proposal. “

Letters signed by Senators Thom Tillis, Rick Scott, John Cornyn, Roger Wicker and Dan Sullivan are also part of a growing rant of lawmakers questioning the deal.

On Monday, Republican Senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who was head of a national security panel reviewing the proposal, asking the deal to fail if it were to avoid the possible Chinese complete relinquishment of TickTock software Does not allow for Communist Part Control. ‘

It is unclear what President Trump will do. White House adviser Jared Kushner said on Tuesday that the White House was reviewing Oracle’s bid and a senior administration official said no decision had been made yet.

Trump has also stated that he is a fan of Oracle co-founder and president Larry Ellison

Oracle co-founder and president Larry Ellison

Trump has also said he is a fan of Oracle co-founder and president Larry Ellison (right), one of the few tech executives who openly supports the Republican president

Trump had already made it clear that he demanded full-scale sales of the app to an American technology company amid concerns among national security officials that Bydance could provide US user data to the Chinese government.

However, Trump probably does not want to alienate 100 million-odd American Tiktok users before a hot-election presidential election.

Trump has also said that he is a fan of Oracle co-founder and president Larry Ellison, one of the few tech executives to openly support the Republican president.

Meanwhile, China has updated its export control rules so that it can explain the transfer of technology, such as Tiktok’s recommendation algorithm, to a foreign buyer. Chinese officials have said that BiteDance should not be forfeited in any deal by the United States.