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The release date of HomePod is glimpsed when Apple prepares for an AI Smart Speaker

As the market for smart loudspeakers increases, Apple HomePod's release date is of vital importance to consumers. The Amazon Eco has dominated the market so far, but Apple clearly believes that this is an area of ​​potential growth in the coming years. And it seems that a release date for HomePod may be imminent, as the giant of consumer electronics prepares the device behind the scenes.

  HomePod release date
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The Apple HomePod will be powered by the Siri is a virtual assistant that is considered a market leader, while the device will be operated by commands voice. HomePod will be able to play music for users or offer information on a variety of Internet search topics.

Technical issues

While Apple has had technical problems with its first smart speaker, analysts now predict that the HomePod release date will be in the first quarter of 2018. Market observer Imran Choudhary spoke with the newspaper The Sun in Britain and indicated its belief that Apple will feel pressured to catch up with the established offer of Amazon.

"It seems more than likely Apple is finally approaching the point where they can start selling HomePod, Apple will want to make up for lost time and a first quarter release (January-March) would be likely at this time."

Choudhary also pointed to a recently published report that suggests Apple is putting the finishing touches on the smart presenter before the HomePod release date.

WWDC presentation

Apple first introduced HomePod in its World Wide Developers Conference last year, and it was anticipated that the device would launch in December. This obviously would have been ideal for the key Christmas market, but Apple experienced logistical difficulties to develop the speaker.

At the time, an Apple spokesman said: "We can not wait for people to experience HomePod, the innovative Apple wireless speaker for the house, but we need a little more time before it is ready for our customers. "

However, despite the delays, it seems that HomePod's release date is approaching, and that it will be available in the market sooner rather than later. The aforementioned newspaper Sun also spoke with Daniel Ives, of GBH Insights, who suggested that there had been some initial problems with the speaker system.

"We believe that the technical and production problems are the reason for the delay, since Apple needed to iron out the problems before HomePod hits the market." The delay was disappointing as the window of opportunity around the holiday season he came and went with Echo being the star of the show, "commented Ives.

  HomePod release date
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What we know

While fans of artificial intelligence technology are eagerly awaiting the release date of HomePod, a certain number are already known of details about the Amazon speaker. The design of the device shows a small white cylindrical appearance, with Apple indicating that the device measures about 7 inches tall.

Apple has focused particularly on the music playback features of HomePod, locating seven tweeters within the device. Each of these speakers has been assigned its own audio driver, while a four-inch woofer has also been included. This ensures that the sound quality of Apple's speaker system will be superior to any other available on the market in the same niche.

Meanwhile, Apple has tried to ensure that HomePod is particularly accurate with respect to voice capture, including six microphones on the device. It is also surprisingly powerful considering the relative paucity of processing power required to control such a device, Apple has included an A8 chip in the HomePod. This is the same processor that was previously used in the generation of iPhone 6, and should ensure that the performance of the smart speaker is more than competitive.

The touch control is also included on the top of the device, which means that it is possible to deliver some HomePod features without using the voice activation functionality.

Price concerns

Like many Apple products, it is believed that the price of this smart speaker could be a bit high when the HomePod release date comes. While the consumer electronics giant has not given any indication of the retail prices recommended for the HomePod, it is generally believed that it will be sold at the stadium for $ 349.

Considering that this is more than double of all The other smart speakers already available in the market, Apple is certainly taking something of a bet with its HomePod approach. But it seems that this will be qualified as a high quality music device, which also offers certain functions of intelligent speakers. Apple almost always launches its products at the higher end of the market, and this will be the case once again when HomePod is published.

Aside from device pricing, some analysts have suggested that the HomePod release date represents a late entry into the smart speaker market. While the market research figures have been promising for Apple, with 14 percent of iPhone users indicating that they will at least consider buying the device, the market has advanced rapidly in the six months since this survey was conducted.

Amazon and Google have both established smart speaker units that are priced as effectively as impulse purchases, which means that a lot of potential HomePod customers may already have disbursed for competing models.

Market report

This will be a little worrisome for Apple considering the importance of the smart speaker niche. According to a Canalys report: "The global smart speaker market is ready to grow to 56.3 million shipments in 2018." This prediction underscores Apple's determination to enter this category of products, as the California corporation needs to diversify its range of products considering the balkanization of the smartphone market.

While Apple has not yet confirmed the release date of HomePod, it certainly seems based on the latest rumors and market analysis that we can expect this exciting home speaker system sooner rather than later.

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