The Reds “soft-tossing leftie” had nothing to do with John Lester

So not to start my morning on a sour, bullpen note (s) as we all know is coming later today, I wanted to share a little bit about John Lester’s NO-HIT performance. Hey cub did Win at last

To be sure, through five no-hit innings, you would expect just over 2 shocks and more than one strike out of 76 pitches. He also averaged 86.6 mph on his pitch totals last night. Typically, they would be indicative of a whole lot of luck on the balls, with none of the 15 playing to get out. Looking for rocket mitts and all that, right?

But you know what? The Reds couldn’t really kill him:

There was no 50% chance of being hit depending on the quality of contact with a single ball in play. Heck, eight of them had a 2% chance or worse! They can also be strikeouts.

Lester’s night was always limited to his pitch count – he was going to be maxing out at around 80 pitches, based on his level of streaked-out-ness – but you might think that without two errors behind him Six were hitless. About as good a night as that for a man who can’t find whiffs. And with a fastball running at 89.3 mph, the Lester Quintessent was the “soft-tossing leftie” that bothered people. He threw five different pitches at least six times out of 76 pitches, changed speed with very similar offerings, changed eye level, was well positioned and on.

Enjoy the highlights:

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