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The red unboxing video of the iPhone 8 reveals an absolutely magnificent device – BGR

As expected, Apple announced last Monday (Product) RED versions of both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The announcement is rumored for a while and effectively reflects what Apple did last year with its iPhone 7 line. While adding a red option to the iPhone 8 may result in a modest increase in sales, The underlying motivation here is to raise money to help promote AIDS awareness and research through the (Product) RED program. Impressively, Apple points out that only its products have already raised more than $ 160 million for the cause in recent years.

The new and elegant models of iPhone 8 will be available to be picked up at Apple stores next Friday, although pre-orders can already be entered through the Apple website. Meanwhile, renowned YouTube technology and personality reviewer Marques Brownlee received a review unit to turn Apple's new iPhone. Of course, there is not much to report here, since the iPhone 8 in red can not be distinguished from other iPhone 8 models in every way. Still, if you need a new iPhone unboxing video to hold it until the next-generation line of Apple's iPhone is launched, this video should be the trick.

From the outset, and as is evident in the following video, the shadow of the red Apple used in the iPhone 8 is amazing. While the red iPhone 7 has a somewhat softer appearance, the red iPhone 8 practically screams at you. With good reason, Brownlee compares it to "Ferrari Red."

Now how red are we talking here? Well, the photo below, which shows the red iPhone lined up with some other red smartphone models, should give you a good idea.

Better yet, Apple with this year's red iPhone opted to use black on the front panel compared to the white front panel Apple used on last year's (RED) iPhone 7. The black and red combo results in an absolutely stunning aesthetic.

Brownlee's full unboxing video can be seen below and Remember: if you do not want to spend more than $ 700 on a new red iPhone, you can always spend around $ 15 to make your current iPhone red.


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