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The Red Cross launches a new campaign to encourage people to donate blood regardless of type

Start at the donation center. Every day, hundreds of people around Northeast Ohio donate blood or platelets.

It takes a little time but it helps a lot of people.

"I think it's a kind of forward payment deal, when you get out of here you know you've done something good," blood donor Dan Hoffman said.

And those good things are around you. [19659003] When Benjamin Aholt was born, he had a minor surgery that almost cost him his life. The doctors discovered that he had Hemophilia B and needed blood quickly.

And, now, just two years old, blood donors made a difference in their lives and they are still making a difference now.

"He had a bad start and thanked God that there was blood available when he needed the blood and blood products that were given to him, or that he would not be here today," said Ben's mother, Stephanie Aholt.

But not all give blood.

In fact, people who have given blood in the past do not do it now. The American Red Cross has started a new campaign to encourage new donors and recover previous donors, because it does not matter if it is A, B or O, if it is missing, nobody gets help.

"When the letters A, B, and if they disappear from everyday life, the gaps are amazing," said retired Red Cross Rear Adm. Mike Parks. "When blood types A, B and O disappear from hospital shelves, patient care can be affected and, frankly, people can die."

The Red Cross is partnering with different brands and companies that will eliminate the letters A, B and O temporarily from social media messages and letterheads to encourage people to donate blood no matter what type they have.

The Red Cross says they hope the campaign will also get people talking about donations.

They hope people will organize campaigns in their churches, schools and workplaces to help create more new donors and bring in some old ones.

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