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The real reason Kate Beckinsale is interested in Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images) | Kate Beckinsale (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for InStyle)

Kate Beckinsale is a British actress known for her roles in Underworld films, The Cat McCall tests, Y Total recovery. Until 2016, the actress was married to American producer, screenwriter and film director Len Wiseman. The two were married for 12 years, beginning in 2004. Before their marriage, Beckinsale was romantically linked to the actor, Michael Sheen, from 1995 to 2003.

Since her divorce, Beckinsale has had a series of short-lived adventures with significantly younger types. The 45-year-old actress has since been associated with comedian and actor Matt Rife and actor Jake Whitehall. Rife is only 23, while Whitehall is only 30. His latest children's toy seems to be the comedian Pete Davidson, who until recently was dating a pop star. Ariana Big

Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are dating?

Beckinsale and Davidson were recently seen in one of their stand-up comedy acts. They left the comedy club holding hands and the sources claim that they returned to the Davidson Hotel in Santa Monica. But are they really an article or was this just once?

The first time the two were seen together was when Pete Davidson seemed to be flirting with Beckinsale at the post-Golden Globe party. The sources say that the two were approaching, and Kate Beckinsale was definitely returning the attention that the young comedian was lending her. She has also been seen dating Pete Davidson with some of her closest friends, such as Machine Gun Kelly, Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.

It was confirmed that the two are definitely an article, but they are not likely to move things beyond casual dating and enjoy each other's company. An unknown source told People that "Kate is not trying to get serious with someone, she wants to have fun with the kids and hang out with them."

The real reason why Beckinsale is interested in Davidson

After her divorce, Kate Beckinsale just wants to have fun and loves all the attention she gets from the younger guys. Although he is currently the comedian Pete Davidson, fans have followed him since he has dated several guys who are significantly younger than her.

Davidson is only 30 years old, 15 years younger than the actress. Jake Whitehall also shared a 15 year gap. Actor Matt Rife, however, was only 23 years old and had a 37-year gap between him and Kate Beckinsale.

Pete Davidson is on the same page

The young comedian is on the same page as Beckinsale. After his break with pop star Ariana Grande, Davidson is not looking for anything serious either. Meanwhile he obviously Enjoying the attention of Beckinsale, it is unknown if he will want something else.

It is likely that this relationship will last, as both seek a casual dating relationship. However, it seems that the two will spend a little more time together in the future.

Kate Beckinsale is hating herself in

Since the beginning of his relations from May to December, Beckinsale has had a lot of hatred for his choice among young men. Fans have commented their images with comments on the age gap.

The most recent comment came from a fanatic when Kate Beckinsale published an image of her mother. Apparently, the fan commented, "Dear heavens, Kate, not Pete Davidson." Beckinsale's response, however, was pure gold. The actress did not lose the rhythm before answering: "No, that's my mother, easy mistake".

Although she is getting a lot of hate, many fans are also encouraging her. However, no matter how the fans feel, however, one thing is certain: Kate Beckinsale will do whatever it is that makes her happy and does not mind a bit of hatred.

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