The real reason for the Harden-Westbrook breakup

ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins made another blistering revelation on Friday, claiming that he knew exactly what was behind the Rockets’ James Harden-Russell Westbrook breakup, before the start of the 2020-21 campaign.

According to the retired NBA player, it was The Baird’s non-stop partyman who had been associated with Partybrook throughout the season and led his trade request after just one year with the Houston Rockets.

Perk gave juicy details on James Posey’s Posecast (Via Alex Kennedy of BasketballNews) is. Here is the full clip:

James Harden’s lifestyle off the court has, of course, been documented for much of his career. While what he does in his spare time is purely his business, doing so becomes problematic when an NBA season is underway. On the other hand, Russell Westbrook is a sinister contestant.

As far as Perkins is concerned, Brody had reservations about how Hardik likes to run things in H-Town. Westbrook-Harden had its moments of reunion last year and the Rockets still finished fourth in the West (44–28) despite perceived turmoil between the two superstars. But Houston crashed and was lit up against the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the 2020 playoffs.

Westbrook has since been moved to the Washington Wizard for John Wall. A few months later, Harden also aspired to join the Brooklyn Net Squad. It is now futile to see how well the two former MVPs would have been together with the Rockets if they had given it another break this year. Still, that Hardik-Westbrook duo was fun while it lasted.

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