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The real-life diet of Salt Bae, who has great abs

  Karim Benzama - Turkey Nusret Restaurant


The key to becoming a global food icon like Salt Bae? Four hours of sleep, nuts and jumping rope.

If you spent some time on the Salt Bae Instagram, and let's be honest, you have a treasure chest of videos that include, among others, meat, fitness, tight white shirts, arrogance, Diddy, sit-ups, knife acrobatics and more meat. In all Instagram appearances, the man who became a real meme name: Nusret Gökçe is living the good life. But he left us some questions. What does a professional meat man do for a living? And how did a sensual salt sprinkler get in such good shape? So we asked him, and he answered by email, busy because he runs a chain of meat restaurants around the world.

What do you eat every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
I take a lot of protein. For breakfast, it is usually oatmeal, sometimes hard egg whites, never yolks, with tomatoes and cheese and toast. I'm usually too busy working in the restaurant during the day for lunch, but then I have a big piece of red meat for dinner with whatever vegetables there are.

How about a snack, if it makes you hungry? [19659006] I have nuts in the afternoon.

What is your pleasure food for pleasure?
No food should make you feel guilty if you eat healthy and exercise regularly.

How much meat does it serve? Do you really eat?
It's not about the amount. I have the amount of protein that I need every day to feed myself. I'm very busy.

How did you get interested in meat for the first time?
I needed a job to help my family grow in Turkey. Then I became a butcher. And I loved it. So here we are.

When and how did you learn the characteristic movement of Salt Bae?
I've been doing it for a long time, it just came naturally to me.

What is your journal? exercise routine? Or, if it changes every day, what are some of the workouts or exercises that you enjoy doing the most?
I prefer the work of boxing and body weight. It gives me the definition and the main strength I want. A lot of ropes to jump, anything to not only stimulate muscles but also keep me fast. I have to be quick in the kitchen.

How do you balance your love of food with your desire to keep your body in good shape?
They go hand in hand. I have to feed my body to exercise and exercise to eat the food I love.

How do you keep your fitness and your diet on the road while traveling?
You can jump rope and body weight anywhere. I also like to play football.

Who was the most interesting or memorable celebrity to visit your restaurant?
I do not think about the celebrities of my restaurants, they are just another guest who needs it. Food and excellent service.

At the end of each day, I saw you say that you are doing a mental evaluation. How do you see that?
I review my day and everything that happened in the kitchen before falling asleep. In this way I can always improve.

How much do you sleep?
About 4 hours, sometimes less if it's a busy day in the kitchen. I do not feel exhausted. I think my diet and exercise prevent this.


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