The Rangers have a playoff in mind despite the young roster

For a young Rangers team that is at the end of a rebuilding process and is hoping to establish itself as a consistently competitive organization, raising expectations in one of the most unusual NHL seasons in history has become more complex than usual. Can.

“Hope is a funny word,” Chris Kreider said on a zoom call on Wednesday. “You ask every single person of any team in the league and their expectations are going to be higher for yourself and your group, because someone from outside the group could possibly be placed on them.

“I think it’s our goal [to make the playoffs] Contrary to one expectation. You are not entitled to get anything or anything in this league. You have to earn it every night, there are no bad hockey teams in this league, every team has depth and talent – there is a reason that it is the best league in the world. [Playoffs are] aim. To achieve that goal we have to take it one game at a time and continue to build and progress as it is going to be a piece. It’s going to be a long season in a way, and it’s also short, I think.

With management, chief coach David Quinn and all players retaining players in training camp, saying that getting a playoff berth is a realistic goal, the Rangers will have to adjust to the loss of lineup staples, integrate new faces and One has to improve as a united team. there.

Alexis Lafreniere
Alexis Lafreniere
Nick Homler / NY Rangers

All while competing in a loaded, remodeled eastern run on a 56-game schedule featuring intermittent play amidst a weighted epidemic.

“We don’t have 82 games to figure it out,” said Kreider, who entered his ninth season on Broadway. “A major focus in our training camp was recognizing that we do not have that much time to prepare during training camp, we do not have as many games to punch our ticket. The biggest thing is to hit the ground and start well. “

The Rangers will open the 2020-21 season Thursday against the Islanders at Madison Square Garden. Heinrich Lundkvist will not be in the net for the first time since 2005, Mark Staal will not be on the blue line for the first time since 2007 and Jesper Fast will not be on the wing for the first time since 2014.

Rangers Igor Shesterkin, a youngster, will be a big body defender in K’ndre Miller and a highly touted target in the once-in-a-generation talent in Alexis Lafreniere. Shesterkin and Miller have been ripening in the organization’s system and eventually harvested for the night roster. And the Rangers gave Lafreniere the right to be drafted first when his logo exited the lottery machine in August.

The future is here, and all three crooks have been assigned lead roles for this upcoming season.

“We definitely have a lot of young people, I think we’re probably going to be there as one of the youngest teams in the league,” Kreider said. “The older people that we have, the people who have experience, are really helping young people and meshing very well, know young people. For those as young as our group, something I’ve noticed are people who are 18, 19, 20 years old last year and some people in their first year look a lot more comfortable on the ice in the room. I think the group has been together for a long time [comfort] with everyone. The incoming newcomers have been welcomed and I think they have just got fit.

“I think the exciting thing about this type of youth group is how many prospects are there in this group, how many chances each person has day-to-day growth. It’s very exciting to be a fan of Rangers and Rangers there is time. “


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