The program & # 39; Try PlayStation VR & # 39; of Sony sells | News and opinion –

The program & # 39; Try PlayStation VR & # 39; of Sony sells | News and opinion


Players flocked to Sony's latest promotion, which allows them to try a PlayStation VR Skyrim package for 14 days, absolutely free.

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Wow, a new Sony promotion designed to spark interest in your PlayStation VR headphones proved to be too popular. According to several reports, selected PlayStation Plus members recently received an email about a new Sony program that would allow them to test virtual reality directly in their homes.

The PlayStation 4 "trial package" that Sony sends to those who signed up for the "Try PlayStation VR" program consists of a PlayStation VR, a PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move controllers, the PS VR Demo Disc 2.0 and a copy of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR. In other words, Sony is sending players "free" packages of PlayStation VR Skyrim.

We put "no cost" in quotation marks, since there are some important details that should be kept in mind with the Sony program, which is now completely sold out, in case you want to get a virtual reality test for the home itself. The 1,400 lucky participants who participate in the Try PlayStation VR program have 14 calendar days to play with the system. If they do not return it, they will be automatically charged $ 300 on the credit card they had to send before receiving the test kit. (And, of course, Sony insists that players return the PlayStation VR Trial Bundle in good condition.)

That said, players who maintain the system will get a $ 150 discount off the normal PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle price. That's a smart move for Sony's partial players, a free trial that's sent directly to their doors with a built-in discount if they love the experience and decide to keep the kit.

Sony has not indicated whether it has any plans to expand the program at any future point. Your website for the Try PlayStation VR program currently suggests that players pay close attention to their emails for future promotions. Given the speed with which it ran out, it's not bad advice, especially if you're already interested in virtual reality on the PlayStation and you've been waiting for a good discount before pulling the trigger.

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