The producers of Gender Reveal Party say enough already after the latest wildfire

He said, “Stop these stupid parties. For the love of God, stop burning things to tell everyone about the sex of your child. Nobody cares about you,” she wrote.

This is not the first time a party that has revealed gender has wreaked havoc, and yet ceremonies have only grown in popularity.

How did we get here

How did these parties become murderous?

Carvunidis revealed his penis before becoming Thing in 2008. She and her husband are gone, which is now the more traditional route, however: cutting a cake that reveals a pink frost inside. a girl.

“I thought it would be really fun for everyone in the whole family to know,” Carvunidis told NPR last year.

She wrote about her blog, High Gloss and Sauce, and attracted some local attention at the time.

But from 2008 onwards, these celebrations of life turned into risky endeavors. Although many still opt for classic blue or pink cakes, others have taken more extreme routes.

The current wildfires in California are massive, but it is just small potatoes in Arizona compared to 2017, causing 47,000 acres of wildfires to spread. All of this happened when party members called “boy” and “girl.”
According to the US Department of Justice, the Saumlin Fire, run by a gender-revealing party, burned more than 45,000 acres owned by the state of Arizona and various other agencies.  Firefighters from at least 20 different agencies controlled the fire for about a week.

When the target – packed with highly explosive tannarite – exploded, a blue cloud leapt upward and immediately ignited the surrounding brush.

It was a boy, and the party spent more than $ 8 million in reinstatement of the convicted custodian.

This April, a gender revealing party in Florida also led to a 10-acre brush fire, after using “tenwright and a weapon” in the manifest form, according to fire officials of the time.
If the damage done by the giant wildfire is not enough, the parties to such gender reveal property damage (such as a plane crash last year in Texas, or a car caught in flames in Australia).
And, ironically, at least one death has occurred in this celebration of life.

Last October, in Iowa, an idea for a fun gender reveal party went south when the family inadvertently made a pipe bomb. When the device stopped, it was not only blue or pink gun powder, but the entire pipe did so, which caused the shrapnel to blow.

A piece of metal struck a grandmother, who stood about 45 feet away, and killed her.

A burnt-out structure is seen in a forest in Yucapea, California, after a couple planned their baby penis flew into smoke in Yucayapa's El Rancho Dorado Park on Saturday when a fireworks machine.  They ignited a forest fire spread over thousands of acres.

Critics say that they are in favor of maintaining gender norms

Apart from danger, there is also heavy criticism of parties as a system that extends gender to binary – that is, it is a boy, or a girl.

Karunavidis himself has also indicated this criticism.

In 2019, she wrote that “focusing on gender at birth removes so much of their ability and talent that it has nothing to do with what’s between their legs.”
This happens when gender roles are forced on children

The study has supported this notion.

A study published in 2017 by Carly Gieseler in the Journal of Gender Studies characterized gender hardening as: “It allows adults to reproduce what they have learned from their own gender formation.” , Which rethinks expectations and beliefs. ” The unwritten body of the unborn and propagating these ideals in a digital, social, public world. ”

For Karvunidis’s daughter, the focus of that Pink Pink Cake in 2008, she is “a girl wearing a suit!” Karunavidis wrote – to highlight the futility of celebrating these sexual norms.