The premiere of The Howling of Belly Manor is Easter Egg for Stephen King’s Shining

Now that Netflix’s The Hunting of Bly Manor has been out for more than a week, leading many to watch most or all of the 9-episode series, let’s hurry through the first episode, “A Great Good Dive back into “Place”. A glimpse at the fun Stephen King / Shining Node that flashes off very quickly. Of course, it fits perfectly that director Mike Flanagan will toss in a reference to a king, and a shining one at that, seeing how he adapts the King novels Gerald Game and Doctor Sleep – whose latter is King’s The. Shining was the sequel to both the book and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining film, which contains the most iconic horror cinema images ever.At the beginning of Bailey Manor, Victoria Pedretti’s Dani, who will soon step into Bailey Manor, is staying in a London hostel – Room 217. The king is known to fans as a wicked old naked female ghost in a bathtub in the room. Glazed. That Phantom, and also Tub, actually return to Doctor Sleep very prominently.

Of course, in Kubrick’s film, which includes a ton of changes to King’s original material, the room that hunts both Jack and Danny Torrance, Room 237. But the book is in 217. Here Dani is returning to her room…

The reason for the change in room number here is the backstory. The hotel, in the film The Timberland Lodge on the outskirts of The Shining’s “Oversight”, posts the following details on its site:

Kubrick was asked not to paint Room 217 (pictured in the book) at The Shining, as future guests at the lodge may be afraid to stay there. Therefore, a non-living room, Room 237, was replaced in the film. Curiously, and somewhat ironically, Room 217 is requested more often than any other room in Timberline.

Naturally, Flanagan used the original room number from the book for this fun little tip of the hat.

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