The pocket cast went on sale almost three years after the acquisition

In May 2018, Pocket Casts was acquired by NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and This American Life. This consortium of “Top Podcast Producers” now wants to sell Android, iOS and web applications.

Previously reported by Current last week, NPR’s latest financial statement shows how the owners “met and agreed” to sell Pocket Casts, the sole asset of Podcast Media, last month. Currently, “the sales plan is still under development,” but the division is expected to be completed by 20 September. NPR, which owns just over a third of Podcast Media, reported that it had lost $ 812,129 a share in the previous year.

The application was originally acquired for “[further] Public radio’s leading role is as an innovator in audio discovery and distribution, while ensuring the continued support and development of one of the most popular listening platforms in the market. “

Meanwhile, the original Pocket Cast developers agreed to the deal, which they considered a partnership, given the shared vision between them and the new owners:

Going forward things are going to be different. We will move faster, we will be more ambitious in our works, and gain some amazing insights from the world’s top podcast producers in guiding our future steps.

Pocket Cast Dev Team, 2018

Since then, the pocket cast has undergone two major changes. The first material theme was Revamp, which went out of beta in March 2019 after a four-month trial. Some users were aware of this redesign given the conceptual changes to how the app works.

Six months later, the app went free after first costing $ 3.99, while offering $ 9.99 / year for Pocket Cast Plus tier desktop (Mac, Windows and Web) apps, Apple Watch support, more themes / icons and cloud access. it was done. Storage to upload your own content.

This sale of Pocket Cast comes in the form of Google, Apple, Spotify, and Amazon, who are making large investments in the podcasting space. The latter three companies are rumored to be working on paid subscriptions. We have reached pocket casts for what this sale will be for end users.

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