The Play Store overtook the App Store in 2018, but did not earn more money


The sensor badysis company Sensor Tower has published its revenue estimates for 2018 for App Store and Google Play Store. Both app stores experienced growth, but surprisingly Google Play grew at a faster pace. However, the App Store continues to earn more money.

Around the world, users spent $ 71.3 billion dollars (approximately $ 94.6 billion CAD) on applications and games in 2018, according to Sensor Tower estimates. In general, it shows an increase of 22.7 percent with respect to 2017.

The firm estimates that the App Store generated $ 46.6 billion dollars (approximately $ 61.8 billion CAD) in revenue in 2018 compared to $ 24.8 billion dollars from the Play Store (about $ 32.9 billion CAD ). That's a difference of about 88 percent.

Revenue data from Sensor Tower global applications

In addition, these figures show a year-on-year growth of 20.4 percent for Apple and 27.3 percent for Google Play.

However, Sensor Tower notes that if we look at the past few years, the App Store is on the rise after a significant decline. In 2016-17, the App Store recorded a growth of 34.7 percent, but decreased between 2017 and 2018. Sensor Tower attributes it to a slowdown in Chinese consumer spending.

Google Play Store estimates do not include China's Android revenue, since the store is not available there.

Worldwide application installs Sensor Tower data

In addition, the application's facilities for the first time grew 11.1 percent for both stores, exceeding the total of 105.3 billion in 2018. Apple saw a 6.6 percent growth of 27.8 billion in new facilities from 2017 to 29.6 billion in 2018. The Play Store grew 13 percent in 2018, from 67 billion to 75.7 billion new installations.

The games also continue to grow, with an increase of 15.2 percent year-on-year to $ 54.7 billion dollars (about $ 72.5 billion CAD). Despite the growth in revenue, the share of games in all applications revenue fell from 82 percent in 2017 to 77 percent in 2018, indicating that non-game applications are starting to monetize better.

Global revenue of Sensor Tower games

The Apple App Store grew by 10 percent in estimated game revenue, from $ 30.1 billion to $ 33.2 billion dollars (approximately $ 39.9 billion to $ 44 billion CAD). The Play Store experienced significantly higher growth despite lower revenues, going from $ 17.3 billion to $ 21.5 billion (approximately $ 22.9 billion to $ 28.8 billion CAD), an increase of 24.2 percent.

However, overall game downloads grew modestly by 6.4 percent, to an estimated total of 38.3 billion in both stores.

Tower game revenue sensor around the world

Apple compiled 8.9 billion of those downloads, 6.2 percent to 8.9 billion of the 8.3 billion in 2017. The Play Store recorded a growth of 6.4 percent, up to 29, 4 billion of the 27.7 billion.

In general, both Google and Apple have posted impressive growth figures for their application platforms. However, it is clear that growth is slowing, even if only a little.

You can consult the full Sensor Tower report here.

Source: Sensor Tower Via: Android Authority

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