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The pit bull attacks a woman in the subway after an altercation

Police in New York City are looking for the owner of a pit bull that attacked a woman on the subway during an altercation.

The incident, which allegedly occurred on Friday afternoon on train 4 in Manhattan, was captured on video by a passenger traveling on the train.

Spectators of the incident say that the owner sat down and placed the dog in the seat next to him when he collided with the woman in the next seat. The woman asked the man to take his dog, which became an altercation between the two passengers, and the dog responded by putting on the woman's shoe.

The video, recorded by the eyewitness TahSyi Kyng, shows the woman struggling to free her foot from the dog's bite, while chaos occurs in the train car.

The owner was trying to get the dog out of the woman, but "he never told the dog to let him go," Kyng told ABC News. The owner "never announced that he was a service dog," and he did not appear to be one, although he was tied up, Kyng added.

The woman freed herself by removing her foot from the shoe, which the owner threw at her before leaving the train, according to Kyng.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Transit Authority of the City of New York (MTA) said in a statement to ABC News that "the rules require that animals that are not in service be kept in containers and not bother others passengers "and also explained that what is shown in the video is disturbing and" a clear violation of our rules. "

MTA officials notified the New York City Police Department (NYPD) of the video on Tuesday and the police department initiated an investigation into the incident.

  PHOTO: The subway stops at a station in New York City. Gary Hershorn / Getty Images
The subway stops at a station in New York City.

Transit rules, as listed on the MTA website, state that "no person may bring any animal on or in any means of transportation unless it is enclosed in a container and transported in a manner that does not disturb others passengers. " These rules do not apply to "work dogs for law enforcement". service animals, or animals that are being trained as service animals. "

If New York police officers come into contact with dogs or other unauthorized animals aboard the transit system of New York City, they are required to expel the passenger with the animal from the train.

Officers are also required to issue a Traffic Action Bureau (TAB) Notice of Offense, for which the fine is $ 25. In 2016, the NYPD issued 119 calls for unauthorized animal TABs. The number fell to 85 in 2017 and so far in 2018, 19 have been issued.

The woman who was attacked was not seriously injured, but the police continue to search for the owner of the dog.

It is unclear what the sanction will be if identified, but MTA President Joe Lhota told a news conference that "carrying a pit bull aboard any of our subway systems is a violation of the law and a person who does so must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. "


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