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The photos of & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39; reveal who got into Negan’s car

New photos of The next episode of Walking Dead could reveal who found Negan on his return to the Sanctuary in episode 8×14.

Although thousands of fans suspect that Carl somehow faked his death or somehow be alive enough to be found along Negan's path, the passenger seems to be Gregory of Xander Berkeley. New photos of the next episode show Gregory standing outside the Shrine with Simon, Dwight and other saviors. When he was last seen on the AMC show, Gregory fled the hill after escaping from prison with saviors who did not want anything to do with him.

With Jared and his gang being discovered at an outpost near the sanctuary, Gregory must have strayed on his own journey, separate from that of Dwight and Simon, who escaped in their convoy. The photo after Episode 8×15 shows him standing with the rest of the group.

  twd_savior_yard_815 "title =" twd_savior_yard_815 "height =" 533 "width =" 800 "data-item =" 1097745 "/><figcaption> (Photo: Gene Page / AMC)</figcaption></figure><p> What Simon is trying to do in the photography is something no one knows.As Negan had planned to keep his arrival secret, the character might think he is still in charge of the group, as they believe his Negan lie dead after the encounter with Rick on the road makes a couple of episodes.</p><p> The 8×15 episode is titled, "Worth It." Worth's official synopsis says: "With the menace of the saviors still peeking out, Aaron continues to look for allies; Daryl and Rosita take action and face an old friend. "</p><p> AMC released 32 photos of the episode in total, which can be seen in the gallery below!</p><script async src=

Episode 8×15 will inevitably explore the consequences of Simon's election in the absence of Negan. Negan's rescue squad during his encounter with Rick Grimes, but, after telling the Saviors that he thought Negan was dead, he led an attack on the hilltop where he tried to kill them all. member of the Jadis garbage heap group How Gregory's factors are seen throughout the disaster, as well as whether Negan will be very forgiving of his return to the top of the hill.

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