The photos appear to show a giant ship floating on the water off the English coast.

A ship appears to float on the sea off the coast of Cornwall, England, in a photo captured by David Morris that shows the optical illusion known as the “overhead mirage,” caused by hot air settling on cooler air above the light that bends while reaching the viewer’s eyes.

David Morris / APEX

One man says he was “stunned” when he looked out to sea from a village in Cornwall, southwest England, and saw a giant ship apparently suspended in the air over the water. It was not his eyes that were deceiving him, but a rare meteorological phenomenon that causes the optical illusion.

BBC News meteorologist David Braine explained that what David Morris had captured with his camera lens was not levitation, but a “superior mirage”, caused by conditions more typical in the frigid Arctic than on the English coast.

A boat appears to float on the sea off the coast of Cornwall, England.

David Morris / APEX

“The superior mirages occur due to the climatic condition known as temperature inversion, where cold air is near the sea with warmer air above it,” Braine said. “Since cold air is denser than warm air, it deflects light into the eyes of someone standing on the ground or on the shore, changing the appearance of a distant object.”

Previous sightings of “ghost ships” Around the world it may well have involved illusion, but the raw images captured by Morris appear to be some of the clearest examples of a superior mirage to date.

A Ghost Ship Appears in Lake Superior (Original) | Jason asselin for
Jason asselin in Youtube

Braine said that while in this case the phenomenon made the ship appear to float on water, “sometimes an object below the horizon can become visible,” throwing objects that would otherwise be invisible to someone’s sight almost like a mirror. giant.


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