The petition requires DNA kit companies to keep genetic data private


One day after Senator Chuck Schumer demanded federal oversight over companies of DNA kits that resell customer data, a social network petition urges the data to stay away from the cops.

"Genetic testing companies must respect the privacy of their pay customers and refuse to give the police unrestricted access to people's DNA," says the Care2 petition that collected more than 14,000 signatures on Monday.

Julie Mastrine, 26, said she created the survey because she and her twin sister were cleaned as children.

"My father cleaned us up to find out if we are identical, but now all I can think about is, where is that DNA? Who has it?", He told The Post. 19659002] Mastrine said she was "dumbfounded" by the number of people who had signed it.

"This really is touching a nerve. People are upset. "

Both the DNA of 23andMe and Ancestry confirm in the fine print that a client's genetic information could be revealed to law enforcement with an order.

Schumer warned on Sunday that the companies they were offering short-term offers for the holidays, inviting families to wash their cheeks to investigate their heritage or check for family health problems.

In addition to being used by law enforcement, genetic data can also be sold to Pharmaceutical companies that market drugs.

"Many do not realize that their confidential information can end up in the hands of many other third-party companies," Schumer told a news conference to ask the FTC to investigate.

For Cyber Monday, Ancestry DNA was offering an ethnic $ 99 tracking kit for $ 59 while My inheritance marked it up to $ 49.99.

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