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Sergeant Blake Guidry said he was not looking for fame when he accompanied a student singer of H.L. Bourgeois High School on the piano, but the center of attention found it anyway.

While Guidry played the piano, the young Ennocence Williams released a pbadionate interpretation of "The greatest love of all."

When the video of the improvised performance was published on social networks, the publication began to accumulate views.

"When he found out that he could play the piano, he asked me to play something," said Terrebonne Parish, 35, a deputy sheriff. "So I went to the back choir room and started playing for her and she started singing. The next thing you know is that I'm viral on Twitter. "

Since its publication on Facebook on May 1, the video has accumulated more than 74,000 visits.

Although the deputy had never before played "The greatest love of all" on the piano, he said that the famous melody had become natural.

"It was only by ear," said Guidry. "I'm just sorry while I'm going."

Guidry, who has worked for the Sheriff's Office since 2003, has been playing the piano since he was 3 years old. The native of Houma also plays the keyboard and sings in the local band Souled Out.

He returned to the piano to accompany the school choir during a performance of "A Million Dreams" of the 2017 Broadway hit "The Greatest Showman."

The video of that performance also made its rounds on social media platforms. The videos attracted the attention of several news outlets in New Orleans and continue to draw views online.

Although Guidry said he never wanted attention, he is happy that the public is seeing a different side to the police.

"Everyone sees the police authorities deal with the crime, but this is totally different from that," he said. "It is still related to my work as SRO because it allows me to interact with the students and they can see a different side. And they loved it. "

Deputy Chief Terry Daigre congratulated Guidry for building trust with the students.

"School resource officers should communicate with students, and this is certainly a positive means of communication," said Daigre.

Superintendent of schools Philip Martin said the videos show how music has the power to unite people.

"It shows how SROs build positive relationships with our students and support them," Martin said. "It also shows what we are so proud of with most of our students and the kinds of positive activities they are involved in. This is proof that music is the universal language."

With the school out for the summer, Guidry said he will work on different tasks, but he has not ruled out a good performance with the choir when clbades resume.

"We'll see," he said.

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