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The Pentagon, Empire State and Buckingham Place were formed by microbes from the Jurassic era

I n a surprising finding, it has been revealed that the building blocks of the Empire State Building, the Pentagon and Buckingham Palace have links from the Jurassic era. The new study claims that all of these iconic buildings were composed of microbes that were present in the Jurassic era, the period when dinosaurs roamed the world.

The researchers obtained these findings after analyzing the microscopic fossils found within the building blocks of historic buildings. The study was carried out by Dr. Bob Burne of the Australian National University and his colleagues. They discovered that oolitic limestone was used to build the famous Buckingham Palace. This oolitic limestone is a material that consists of microbes that go back to the Jurassic period, almost 200 million years ago.

Dr. Burne said his team has been able to highlight another vital role that microbes play on Earth and in people's lives. From the research, the scientists came to know that the ooids were actually formed by concentric layers of mineralized microbes. Previously, scientists had hypothesized a "Snowball theory" regarding the formation of ooids. They had said that the ooids are formed by grains that roll on the bottom of the sea and accumulate layers of sediment. Then, the latest theory has discredited the snowball theory of ooids and has revealed that ooids actually contain mineralized microbes. "We have proposed a radically different explanation for the origin of ooids that explains their definitive characteristics," said Dr. Burne.

Oolithic limestone is a popular building throughout the world that is composed of these ooids, which are carbonate in miniature particles that have concentric rings of calcium carbonate. Dr. Burne reported that many oolitic limestones form excellent building stones, as they are strong and lightweight. According to Burne, different types of oolitic stones have been formed in all types of geological periods. For example, the Mississippian oolite found in Indiana in the United States has been used to build parts of the Empire State Building in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia.

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