The peloton are now making their own music for their classes

Fitness company DJ Dillon Francis is releasing remixes of three Elvis hits from Outkast’s Big Boi and electro-funk group Chromo, which can be used exclusively in various sections. This marks the first time that artists created exclusive music for the peloton, which sued earlier this year with publishers who accused the bicycle company of using music without a license.

The remixed track includes Elvis ‘songs “Catchin’ on Fast”, “Do the Vega” and “Clean Up Your Own Backyard”. Peloton users will listen to songs in the “Ultimate Remix” collection in their app and will be used in yoga, power, core and outdoor running classes.

Last month, Beyoncé signed a multi-year deal with Peloton to create a series of themed workout classes. This marked an important partnership for the peloton at an important point for its business: the platform’s popularity and sales skyrocketed during the epidemic, but some investors and analysts believe the rollout of the coronovirus vaccine ultimately led to users Gym membership and return to the ditch may be observed. Workout at their home.

To entice more customers, Peloton is once again extending its free trial period from Wednesday to one month to two months. Last spring, when the epidemic hit the United States, the peloton extended its free trial period to 90 days, sparking a surge in sign-ups. The Peloton reported in its most recent earnings statement that the number of people paying for its app quadrupled to more than 500,000 members.
peloton (PTON) Was a blockbuster year. Its stock is around 500%, saw record sales in 2020 and the company unveiled a new line of fitness equipment. Nevertheless, its popularity has come at the expense of offending some customers who are complaining that delivery is taking too long. Last week it bought another equipment company to help accelerate production.


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