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The PC version of Agony will have the option to eliminate censorship

In a recent update of the Kickstarter page for the next game horror-survival-murder-demon Agony the developer PlayWay has addressed issues related to the censorship of the game on both console platforms and PC . The developers reveal that some censorship was necessary to guarantee that the game could be launched on consoles, but PC players will be able to eliminate that censorship by means of an optional patch if they wish.

The game presents fairly harsh violence and NSFW images, so it's not surprising that developers have to compromise to achieve an M rating instead of the dreaded death sentence that is an AO rating. If Agony received a rating of Adults Only (AO), he would never see a console version, which will drastically hurt the game's profitability and exposure to a majority audience. Considering that the game is located in Hell, there is meaning and importance for its grotesque images that must be present in the game.

Regarding the patch, PlayWay stated:

We also want to confirm that we are preparing a special and optional PC patch that will eliminate the aforementioned "censorship". We would love to do something similar for the consoles, but from the technical and legal point of view it is simply not possible.

With that in mind, we decided that sponsors who bought the console version of Agony can convert it into a PC version. Details on how to do this will be provided soon in the next update, here on Kickstarter.

The developer promised that the full version of Agony will be "much heavier" than what we have seen of the game so far. Personally, I love the dark and twisted stories and plots, and although it is unfortunate that Agony the console has to see some compromises to ensure that the game is filled completely launch, I'm sure there will be many horrible images that will ruin the day to keep the console players satisfied.

Agony will be released on March 30, 2018 for PS4, PC and Xbox One. You can see the full Kickstarter of the game here. Even though it was completed and reached its goal, there are still a lot of screenshots and information about the game that is there. You can also preorder the game on Amazon here.

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