The Patriots do not plan to fix the dent in the Lombardi Trophy, for now – ProFootballTalk

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As the "good problems to have" go for the NFL teams, there is no better problem than figuring out what to do about a dent in one of your six Lombardi trophies.

That's the problem the New England Patriots currently have, thanks to former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski who used a Lombardi Trophy as a baseball bat at Fenway Park.

Through Nick Goss of, the Patriots do not currently plan to fix the dent created by Gronkowski trying to impose a touch with the silver trophy.

It makes sense to keep the dent. Surely it is difficult enough to distinguish one trophy from another (another good problem is to have it); the dent (located on the back of the ball placed on the base) facilitates the location of the trophy that Gronk mishandled. It gives it the character of a trophy, like the crack in the Liberty Bell. It also gives Gronk a permanent legacy from the Patriots, in addition to the brbad bust he will eventually have in Canton.

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