The Patriots can not enter the end zone, they still lead 9-3 – ProFootballTalk –

The Patriots can not enter the end zone, they still lead 9-3 – ProFootballTalk


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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady became upset with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in the first quarter and has remained a frustrating day for the New England offense in Buffalo.

Brady has been sacked three times and is 8-for-14 for 96 yards when he was able to get the ball against a Bills defense on a windy day at New Era Stadium. That's been a big reason why none of the Patriots 'three trips to the Bills' territory has ended with a touchdown.

Everyone has finished with Stephen Gostkowski's field goals, which is enough for the Patriots to lead 9-3 after the first 30 minutes of play, but it probably does not generate a lot of smiles on the offensive side of the ball as long as They discuss things in the locker room.

The same will be true for the Bills as they finished their most promising game of the game. with Tyrod Taylor being intercepted by former Bills squad Eric Lee. The defensive lineman also pulled a Taylor sack later in the halftime and the Bills have experimented with Joe Webb taking some hits to the quarterback, while Taylor is lined up as an wide receiver. Webb had a 22-yard run to set up the team's only field goal of the afternoon, but his pbad missed Travaris Cadet a few plays later.

Taylor has not been more successful throwing the ball, but LeSean McCoy has scored 60 yards on 10 carries. Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead have also found space for the Patriots and the second half could activate which team can complement that running game with some positive plays in the air.

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