The Packers can’t bring the No. 1 seed against the Titans

Sunday’s results eliminated the opportunity for the Green Bay Packers to bring the No. 1 seed to the NFC in Week 16 and conclude a crucial season against the Bears in Chicago.

The Los Angeles Rams needed a win over the Seattle Seahawks to give the Packers a chance to win Sunday night against the Tennessee Titans, but Pete Carroll’s team had other plans, allowing the NFC to win 20-9 on the RA20 Has won Survived the title of West and the Seahawks for the No. 1 seed.

For the Packers now the way to the playoffs is simple: beat the Bears next Sunday and the No. 1 seed will belong to Green Bay.

Sunday night is not necessary for the Packers. If they beat the Titans, Matt LaFleur’s team will only need a Seahawk loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17 to gain the No. 1 seed, allowing another way to the top spot.

The Titans have a lot to play for Sunday night. Thanks to the Indianapolis Colts defeat on Sunday, the Titans could clinch the AFC South title with a win over the Packers.

The Bears, now 8-7, will fight for the seventh and final playoff spot in Week 17. A win over the Packers at Finale would receive a postmarton berth.

The Packers can get the No. 1 seed and help the Bears out of the playoffs by winning at Soldier Field next week.


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