The Packers’ Aaron Rodgers discusses possibly playing for Green Bay’s biggest rival after Jorn Love Pick

Is an injured Aaron Rodgers a sobriety? Seems possible.

The longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback was asked Tuesday during an interview with The Ringer if he would ever consider playing for his team’s biggest rival, the Chicago Bears, and his answer most upset Cheese. Is likely to do.

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“It’s a tough idea right there,” he said, laughing but not explicitly closing the idea.

Rodgers has previously stated that he envisioned playing his entire career in Green Bay, but the Packers used their first-round pick to draft Jordan Love of Utah State, after that the reality of his situation changed. Has gone.

“That’s probably what happens, depending on the circumstances surrounding everything,” he said of the possibility of moving forward after this season. “Just look at the facts. He did business. They drafted him. I would say that they like him. They want to play him. … I have understood. I see it completely clearly and I’m not bitter about it. It is just like that.

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Rodgers said the similarities between this draft and the year when Brett Favre was a signal-caller were he drafted, with Favre talking about retiring while he is still in the game.

“I understand this is a business, I understand the nature of the business. I am not advocating my opportunity here in any way, it is not going to happen. But I understand how the business works, “He said.” Was I out? Of course. Who wouldn’t? “

Despite this, Rodgers says that he has nothing but respect for Love and that was something he wanted to tell him after the pick.

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He said, “I know what he’s doing. The last thing you want is some negativity about realizing a childhood dream. I just told him, ‘Congratulations, man. I understand that What are you doing. It’s so exciting. ” “I’m excited to work with you, ‘who I am.”

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