The Pacers continued to give Bojan Bogdanovic the ball until he killed them

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It seemed like the Pacers got a much needed redemption on Wednesday. After scoring eight points in the third quarter against the Celtics in Game 1, Indiana would lose 84-74; the Pacers had a strong third quarter in Game 2, beating Boston 29-16. But that impulse quickly fell apart. shortly after the fourth quarter began, and Indiana suddenly only had three points with 5:25 remaining in the game.

Then, Bojan Bogdanovic took a big step forward for the Pacers. With his team two down with 3:12 remaining, Bogdanovic found open space for a three to put Indiana in one. The Celtics responded with a mid-range jumper from Gordon Hayward to retake the lead, to which Bogdanovic's response was a setback of three over Al Horford's outstretched arm.

Now, it would be understandable that Pacers coach Nate McMillan would realize that his player had a good hand and told his players to give Bogdanovic the ball more often in the final stretch. What is not understandable is to give a spot-up shooter the ball a million miles away from the basket, and put him in iso situations as if he were a kind of dominant guard in the ball, which, in case It is not clear, it is not. As expected, the bad game plan led to some bad results.

But that is not the end of the world, is it? Boston is only 92-91, so any good chance the Pacers take will give them the advantage. As long as Indiana does not do that iso Bojan shit again, things will be fine.

Well, great. Of course, that play seemed uglier than it was probably designed due to the terrible shot of Wesley Matthews, but it was a move that was subject to Bogdanovic being about 15 feet away from the three-point line as a readjustment point. As if it were an insult to the injury, Bogdanovic's slow rotation against a selection helped Jayson Tatum to open wide enough to prepare that play for Hayward.

But, once again, the Pacers still have the opportunity to return, below 94-91. Now you have two obvious examples of why running the iso-Bojan was a bad idea. Probably, they even have enough evidence to prove that Bogdanovic has become a radioactive target that would be a danger to the success of any team in this game. That line of thinking would only leave three scoring options outside of the inside pbad, but with the talent lacking on the floor, Indiana should still be able to at least get a shot, even with only those three.

Maybe someone should tell McMillan that he has other capable players on his team before Game 3.

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