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The other way the Mets are poor makes their dream trade an impossible dream

If you're a Mets fan, you're angry because your team is not spending the way you would expect, and I understand.

The level of exasperation increased when the Yankees acquired Giancarlo Stanton, who is operating in the most expensive contract of all time, and he did, of all time, in a year in which they are lowering their payroll.

The Yankees do Yankee things, the Mets do things. Rinse, repeat. I feel your pain.

But for the Mets, this is more than having a thin wallet, it's about having a farm system emaciated. There are two types of guarantees that make a team powerful when it comes to acquisitions: available cash and desirable prospects.

When you lack both, you put a team back into the game of desire and hope. In the case of the Mets, that means hiring a pitching coach as a manager and hiring more training and sports science personnel, all to try to raise and maintain a healthy rotation that allows the Mets to succeed in 2018. You can insert rinse, repeat again here.

One way to elevate a team of pitchers is to have a two-way receiver. And it was revealed on Monday that J.T. Realmuto, through his representatives, has informed the Marlins that he wants to leave instead of playing in the downed team. The Post confirmed an original report by Craig Mish of Sirius .

Realmuto AP

Realmuto is an ideal player for the Mets. He joins Gary Sanchez, Willson Contreras, Salvador Pérez (I can not believe he's only 27 years old) and maybe Mike Zunino as the best receivers of the year in this sport. He is excellent on both sides of the ball. He does not turn 27 until March. He does not become a free agent until after the 2020 season. An executive admirer compared Realmuto to a young Russell Martin because of how athletic he is, and said Realmuto has even more advantages.

Those skills alone would mean that the Marlins, if they decided to move it, could expect a carry in return. . But it really should be a carry and a half, because perhaps in a short time in the history of the Major Leagues the teams have had problems to find quality receivers as they do now.

Therefore, to land Realmuto, a club will likely have to enter a multi-prospective contract that starts with a top-30 type prospect in the game.

Unless the Mets are willing to face Amed Rosario, who are not, they really do not have the ability to put together the type of package. necessary. So, it's not about money: Realmuto is expected to win $ 4.2 million as an eligible player for first-year arbitration, according to MLB commercial rumors. This is about the farm's inventory, and at the Winter Meetings even Sandy Alderson admitted, "Our farm system at this time is not full of prospects."

Some of that reflects how much the Mets put into their farm system, especially with the launch, to make a series of exchanges in 2015-16, when they were legitimate competitors. But even from that group, only Michael Fulmer has proven to be an above average artist. Alderson's performance has also caught Michael Conforto of the draft and Rosario internationally, but almost nothing else moves the needle.

And at a time when prospects remain at a higher value, the lack of them hurts the Mets at least as much as a restricted payroll.

Consider that the Nationals will not only have a bigger payroll than the Mets when they try to win their third straight title in the National League East Division in 2018, but despite using their farm to – among others – get Adam Eaton, Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson in exchanges, the Nats still have a considerably stronger system than the Mets.

In fact, the only area of ​​positional weakness that the Nats have is in the receiver, with Matt Wieters having declined. In the gardeners Victor Robles or Juan Soto, Washington has the kind of best prospects to face a trade for Realmuto. Would the Marlins take up Wieters ($ 10.5 million in 2018) and a little less in prospects if the Nats accepted Martin Prado (two years with $ 28.5 million) to help Miami clean up more long-term expenses?

The Marlins, however, not be hurt by the options. Realmuto is so attractive, he has so much control, he is at his best and he plays at a high level in a position of need for so many that teams with deep farm systems like the Astros and the Dodgers plus many others would come calling.

Mets? They had already agreed to go with Travis d'Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki, recognizing that they had greater needs elsewhere and the lack of capital, dollars and prospects, needed to address the receiver as well.

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