The original code for Ninja Gaiden Black and II has apparently been lost

People who missed the first 3D action Ninja gaiden games released over the years (and that other one we don’t really talk about from 2012) will have the opportunity to play all three next June at Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, announced for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. But sadly, the first two entries in the trilogy will be based on the Sigma re-releases that originally came out for PS3 and PS Vita, not their final versions (Ninja Gaiden Black for the original Xbox and Ninja Gaiden II for Xbox 360) because the team says its source code is missing.

Citing a recent Famitsu interview (through Kotaku), a staff member from developer Team Ninja told the post that “only snippets of the data remain. We couldn’t save them. “So, it’s not that the company prefers the Sigma remakes on the beloved original titles – this was Team Ninja’s only option, apparently.

Another screenshot of Ninja Gaiden Black running on Xbox One X, showing the original xbox design like an easter egg.

“I am aware that there are pros and cons,” says Team Ninja brand manager Fumihiko Yasuda, referring to the Sigma remakes. “For me personally, Ninja Gaiden II It was my debut, so I have a deep feeling for him, ”Yasuda said in Famitsu. The advantages that he talks about are the graphical and performance improvements and the additional content. The cons are more abundant, like how many people felt Ninja gaiden Sigma Y Sigma II made easier than the 2004, 2005, and 2008 copies of those games, and some of the level designs, game elements, story rhythms, and enemies were changed. The interview does not address whether the data from the original 2004 version of Ninja gaiden still exists, or if Sigma it’s really the only complete copy of the game out there.

I’m still looking forward to playing all of these games again, possibly on my Nintendo Switch, but this is another example of why preservation in games is so important. These aren’t even particularly old titles, with the original Ninja gaiden released on Xbox just 17 years ago. But regardless of age, it’s better to remember the rich history of games by owning those games rather than wishing they still existed. Well it’s time to grab my copy of Ninja Gaiden Black And never let go

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