The online mode of Red Dead 2 comes out of Beta with a huge update

Red Dead Online, the online multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2, critically acclaimed by Rockstar, has been receiving a steady stream of content and content drops since it launched an open beta last November, and now online mode it's finally coming out of its beta phase with the mbadive update this week. Rockstar has presented a variety of new story missions, Free Roam activities and more in Red Dead Online for PS4 and Xbox One, and even more on the way in the coming weeks.

First, players will be able to take on a variety of new Terra de Oportunidades missions. There will be different depending on which side of the law you fall into. Following the path of Gunslinger will go against the Del Lobos gang and help Marshall Davies save the city of Valentine, while Outlaws will commit road robberies and other misdeeds with Samson Finch. Whichever route you take, Rockstar mocks: "Both roads lead to an appointment in Blackwater with a dangerous adversary."

In addition, Rockstar has added a variety of new Free Roam missions with new characters from the main Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign. There are also three new Posse games versus contests (fishing, bird hunting and gathering), as well as dynamic events that can happen if you travel through the old west. In addition to that, Rockstar has added another new mode of engagement, the invasion, as well as a handful of poker tables in certain cities around the map, where you can challenge five other players to the high-stakes games of Hold & # 39; Em.

Also as part of this week, detailed information on how to use Red Dead Online is included. Offensive is the default game style and gives you the ability to freely attack other players, while Defensive is designed for those who prefer to avoid PvP skirmishes and explore the world.

Along with the Offensive and Defensive modes, Rockstar has implemented a hostility system to improve sound in Red Dead Online. According to the developer, this system "tracks aggressive behavior in both game styles, making hostile players visible to others and helps balance the needs of players who want to get away from others who usually attack or kill during a Roam game. free unstructured ".

Completing the update this week there are a variety of improvements in the game. Among other things, Rockstar has added a new control scheme based on the player's feedback, increased weapon exchange speed, added daily challenges and rewards, and eliminated automatic tracking of head shots. You can find more details about everything new in this week's Red Dead Online update on the Rockstar website.

Rockstar has more content and updates online for Red Dead Online. The developer says he will add new Free Roam characters, Showdown modes and more "in the coming weeks." Starting this summer, Rockstar will also introduce three new players to choose from, each of which "will come with a variety of unique games along with a lot of new equipment, weapons and other rewards to win."

Those on PS4 will be able to play without PS Plus for a limited time. In addition, game owners can get PS Plus cheaper now. Red Dead Redemption 2 is slowing down.

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