The OHSAA has indefinitely suspended the August football scrimmage

Columbus, Ohio – Gov. Mike Devine’s Tuesday coronavirus briefing brought no updates on the state of high school sports this fall, but the Ohio High School Athletic Association sent administrators a memo later in the day for a change.

Scrammage for football and other contact sports is suspended until further notice.

The memo states that scrammages and matchups are allowed on their usual scheduled dates at different schools with fewer / non-contact games “on track” to begin practice Saturday. Those low / non-contact sports include golf, girls tennis, and volleyball.

In addition to football, football, field hockey and cross country are affected by the suspension of the scrim.

The OHSAA memo stated, “We expect the school-to-school competition to start when the school vs. school competition can begin and allow for our general competition dates later in August, to be expected. ” Executive Director Bob Goldring. “That end, school vs. school scramges are suspended. We do not anticipate that the suspension will change anytime soon, and there is a possibility that there will be no waiver of any kind in the contact sports of football, football and field hockey. “

The memorandum states that talks are underway to change the status of field hockey and cross country to low / non-contact sports.

When asked during his briefing on Tuesday whether contact with the governor’s office would provide further guidance for the games, Didin replied, “Not today, I can’t. It’s tough for coaches, parents and the governor.” Calls. “

Additionally, Golding’s OHSAA memo sent preliminary feedback from the survey sent Monday as “both the governor’s office and our assistants in decision-making”.

The memorandum included a number of questions, including the fall game season and the possible interchange of the game season from spring.

Ohio already faces a fall sports season without every high school participating in athletic programs. Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon announced last week that he did not intend to be allowed to play the game during the first nine weeks of learning this fall. Senate League coaches sent a letter to Gordon this week asking him to reconsider, but two sources at member schools said they are not optimistic that the letter will change the status of CMSD.

Summit County Public Health and the Portage County Health District have recommended their schools not participate in sports until October 1.

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