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The official Trivago Progressive web application (PWA) arrives at the Microsoft store

The steady march of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) continues to arrive at the Microsoft store, this time with an official launch of Trivago. A list of the hotel comparison application originally appeared in the store last week but was not working at that time. However, it seems that the problems have been resolved, and the application is now available and fully functional.

Unlike the previous waves of PWA, which were published by Microsoft, Trivago is published by the company itself. And as with other PWAs, you can do everything you expect with the application, by consulting the Trivago website in your browser.

You can quickly and easily find hotels near specific places, find deals, and book rooms. There are also many filtering options for things like price, hotel class, guest rating and distance from important landmarks. The reviews, photos and information of each hotel are also easily accessible. In general, the application feels quite nimble and is not that different from using a native Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application.

PWAs are part of a push by Microsoft to get more applications in the Microsoft store. Microsoft relies on two ways to do it: developers can send their own PWAs, or Microsoft Store will automatically index the quality PWAs with the Bing web crawler and publish them themselves. The ultimate goal is to provide native experiences similar to applications without requiring much work from developers.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA): What they are and what they mean for Microsoft

With the Windows Update Suite April 10, 2018 to reach Pril 30, we are likely to see more and more PWA reaching the store of Microsoft in the coming weeks and months. Expect to hear more about PWA at Microsoft's Build 2018 conference also in May.

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