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The officer fatally shot a 16-year-old boy in Ohio court, according to authorities

Updated on January 18, 2018 at 12:15 p.m. EST

COLUMBUS, Ohio – An officer shot and killed a 16-year-old boy in an Ohio courtroom when a fight broke out involving the teenager, his family and the officer. on Wednesday, said a researcher from the sheriff's office. The teenager, Joseph Haynes, was beaten once in the abdomen during the fight that began when an afternoon hearing concluded in a domestic relations court in Columbus, said Rick Minerd, chief investigator of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. .

Haynes died about 30 minutes later at a nearby hospital downtown.

The events took place when a judge concluded a hearing involving a charge of firearms against the child and an electronic monitoring device that the court previously assigned to the case, Minerd said.

"At some point when the hearing was coming to an end, there was an altercation involving the deputy and some of the family members," Minerd said. He added later that the boy was also involved.

The deputy was thrown to the ground and fired a shot, he said.

Haynes' attorney, Jennifer Brisco, told Columbus Dispatch that the teenager was upset when the deputy threatened to arrest him. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O & # 39; Brien told the newspaper that the teenager was also upset by a judge's order to continue using an electronic monitoring device.

Minerd did not identify the assistant, saying that the investigation is ongoing. The sheriff was also injured and was being treated in a hospital, but he was not shot at, said Minerd.

The boy's grandmother told the newspaper that the deputy should have used a stun gun.

Keith Ferrell, executive vice president of the police union representing the deputy, said the deputy was "violently attacked by several people" and had visibility injuries that include cuts, abrasions and possible black eye. He said the deputy was in a "fight for his life" when he opened fire.

"The deputy did exactly what he is there to do: protect all the people in that court, including himself, and that is exactly what he did," Ferrell said.

Ferrell said he has not spoken to the deputy about the details of what officials have described as an altercation. He said that his account is based on the physical appearance and news of the deputy.

According to juvenile records obtained by CBS affiliate WBNS, Haynes had been accused of threatening aggravations after he pointed a gun at two people, threatening to shoot them. [19659003] Ferrell said there was "concern that this individual has a violent past, and I think his behavior that day also indicated it."

Minerd said the sheriff's office extends its condolences to Haynes' family and wishes the injured deputy a quick recovery. He would not speculate on exactly what happened.

"It's a very busy court, a very emotional floor here in the courthouse," Minerd said.

The sheriff's office immediately requested assistance to the crime scene from the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the two employees of the agency were assigned, according to the records.

Franklin County Commissioner John O & # 39; Grady told Columbus Dispatch that public safety is always a problem and commissioners "would certainly be willing" to discuss the additional security of the personal court.

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