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The offer of the machine with AI engine of Huawei Mate 10 Pro appears

Huawei claims that the built-in AI will make Mate 10 Pro change the rules of the game.

The new Huawei Mate 10 Pro – which the Chinese technological giant insists is not a smart phone, but a & # 39; smart machine & # 39; – continues sales in Ireland today (December 7, 2017) exclusively through Vodafone.

The new device opens a new front in the competition of smartphones by which, in addition to the CPU and the GPU, will have a neuronal processing unit (NPU) that will add artificial intelligence (AI) for fire power del Mate 10 Pro.

It is presented as the new Apple iPhone X presents the new A11 X Bionic chip, the ability of Face ID to detect 33,000 IR points in the human face and automatic learning in the camera to compose perfect shots before to even take them.

AI changes the smart phone game

  Mate 10 is not a smart phone, it is a smart machine, says Huawei

Mate 10 Pro is not a smart phone, it is a smart machine, says Huawei. Image: Huawei

The Kirin 970 chip, obviously Huawei's rival for Apple's A11 X Bionic chip, is built with an advanced TSMC 10nm semiconductor manufacturing process and features an octa-core ARM Cortex CPU, a Mali GPU -G72 of 12 cores and its first NPU designed for a mobile device. It also has a new dual ISP for intelligent photography powered by AI.

The combination of the NPU with Huwaei's HiAI mobile computing platform offers an increase 25 times greater than the performance and 50 times the energy efficiency of Mate 9.

The Mate 10 also comes with an accelerated AI translator that It works with the Microsoft translation engine, as well as an easy projection function that connects the device to a larger screen, turning it into a personal computer.

"As artificial intelligence is deeply integrated into our daily lives, we are delighted to launch the Mate 10 Pro in Ireland," Thomas Mason, device manager, Ireland, Huawei Consumer Business Group.

"As the first AI-enabled smartphone in the world, it uses AI technology to provide people with a smarter, faster and more intuitive user experience, enabling them to discover their potential and achieve their ambitions."

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro was launched with an advertising campaign entitled I am what I do that shows how AI technology can enrich people's lives and help people do great things and that improve life. Samantha Payne, co-founder of Open Bionics that uses innovative engineering and 3D printing to revolutionize the prosthetic process and the process of adaptation, and Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain, which connects the world with AI technology in depth culture. shows how the new Mate 10 Pro is helping to make your vision possible.

The new Huawei device will be sold exclusively through Vodafone and will be available in Titanium Gray for € 749.99 in pay as you and € 49.99 in contract. [19659015]
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