The Northern Lights could also be seen above Birmingham tonight


Brummie stargazers could possibly catch an elusive glimpse of the jaw-dropping northern lights within the evening sky this night.

AuroraWatch UK at Lancaster University has issued its second highest alert for sightings of the Aurora Borealis within the UK.

And the consultants say the colorful spectre might be seen as far south because the Midlands – in addition to reaching Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England.

The UK’s skies will flip a stunning inexperienced and that is attributable to particles from the solar hanging the Earth’s magnetic area, in response to the Mirror Online .

And, in response to figures from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the awe-inspiring sight will probably be seen throughout a lot of the UK from round 9pm to 6am over the following few nights.

It appears the explanation for this elevated exercise is a very robust photo voltaic wind bringing the particles into contact with our ambiance.

The workforce at Aurora Watch monitor the magnetometers intently to detect when it’s doubtless that aurora might be seen from the UK and in response to their color coded alert system, we might be in for a stunning gentle present tonight, the Liverpool Echo experiences.

A pure surprise, the Northern Lights – in any other case often known as aurora borealis – is normally solely seen in northern areas of the United Kingdom.

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What are the Northern Lights?

Also often known as the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights are hundreds of thousands of charged particles which have streamed away from the solar by way of photo voltaic winds at speeds of 1 million miles per hour.

These tremendous quick charged particles then collide with molecules within the Earth’s higher ambiance anyplace from 50 to 400 miles above the Earth’s floor.

When the photo voltaic wind’s magnetic polarity is the alternative to the Earth’s this causes them to move into the magnetic North and South poles.

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It is barely when this occurs that the photo voltaic winds create a hoop of auroras on the magnetic poles of about 1,865 miles referred to as the annulus.

If there’s a Coronal Mbad Ejection (CME) from the solar (an enormous burst of gasoline containing electromagnetic radiation) whereas the aurora is sat on the magnetic poles it forces it right into a decrease latitude.

It is barely with all these situations in place that the Northern Lights might be visable.

Why are they totally different colors?

The colors of the aurora depend upon which gasoline molecules the photo voltaic winds hit.

Northern Lights seem inexperienced when the charged particles within the photo voltaic winds hit oxygen at about 60 miles above the Earth’s floor and are crimson at 100-200 miles above the floor.

And the lights seem blue when the photo voltaic winds collide with nitrogen in decrease ambiance and seem to glow purple in the next ambiance.

What time of 12 months do the Northern Lights occur?

The auroras seem are most lively between March and April and September and October.

What sort of climate situations are wanted to see the aurora?

Any cloud cowl will block out the Norther Lights, so the most effective situations is a transparent, darkish sky in distant areas with little gentle air pollution.

Where are you able to see the Northern Lights?

Obviously the most effective place to see the Northern Lights are the northern international locations resembling Norway, Finland and Sweden.

In the UK, Scotland can be an ideal house to see the dancing photo voltaic winds within the evening sky.

But, when the situations are proper (for instance a geomagnetic storm) and the climate is evident, the folks of the Midlands are additionally handled to the superior show, as we had been on the weekend.

When am I most definitely to see the Northern Lights?

The brief reply is nobody is aware of for sure.

But, we are able to monitor geomagnetic exercise to make knowledgeable predictions about when they’re most definitely to happen.

Websites like Aurora Watch UK permit you to monitor the exercise and it’s also possible to signal as much as get alerts for when the geomagnetic exercise is excessive, resulting in a greater likelihood of the Northern Lights showing.

The Met Office additionally commonly retains an eye fixed on this exercise and does launch updates when the aurora is more likely to occur.

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