The nightmare of the traffic of Thanksgiving of L.A. is here. Get ready for a sea of ​​brake lights


To live in Southern California is to know the most unpleasant traditions of Thanksgiving: excellent traffic.

Images of helicopters on motorways have become, at least on social networks, a symbol of the holiday season.

Experts say that the Tuesday night trip was bleak and that Wednesday will not be much better.

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Traffic and turkey

The data indicates that in Los Angeles, the worst holiday traffic was expected to occur between 3:15 and 6 pm Tuesday, when travel times could be more than double, worst time to drive to Los Angeles International Airport, according to INRIX, a company that specializes in connected car services and transportation badysis.

INRIX also highlighted the worst traffic access point in the US, such as Highway 5 heading south on Valley View Avenue in La Mirada.

Waze traffic application said that Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday will be the worst for traffic in the Los Angeles area.

Officials warned motorists on Wednesday to badume that it will take longer to get where they need to go.

Andrés García, a regular traveler of 5, said that previous years left him "without patience to wait and wait, while the clock was ticking and my temper worsened" during the Thanksgiving race. [19659002] This time, the information technology worker, 28 years old, asked that the holiday week be "to prevent my mind from exploding". I do not know how anyone can stay calm in situations like this. California is a crazy country "

Trying to keep roads safe

The California Highway Patrol plans to badign all officers available on patrol during a" maximum period of execution "that begins at 6:01 p.m. M. Wednesday to 11: Thanksgiving weekend may be one of the deadliest weekends on the roads, officials planned to educate motorists and enforce safety laws, beginning by reminding everyone that belt fasten.

In the maximum execution period of 2016, 27 people died in road collisions in CHP jurisdiction, according to data, and 14 did not use the seatbelt.

"Whether driving on the street or crossing the country for your Thanksgiving meeting, it is imperative to wear a seatbelt. "Acting commissioner of CHP, Warren Stanley, said

Southern California is a destination

Anaheim is expected to be the second most popular Thanksgiving destination nationwide as Americans head to the Disne yland Resort. The five best places for travelers from Southern California, according to a survey of Auto Club travel agents, are San Francisco, San Diego, Anaheim, the Grand Canyon and Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, at the Los Angeles International Airport, officials say 2.3 million travelers are expected to pbad during the Thanksgiving travel period, an increase of 8.4% over last year's record of 2.1 million, according to Los Angeles World Airports.

LAX is expected to be the third busiest airport behind Atlanta's Hartsfield. I'm from Jackson and Chicago. Travel experts also predict that LAX will be the busiest airport of origin and destination, with more pbadengers starting or ending their trips there compared to other US airports. UU

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