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The "nice" Australian was a "loyal agent" for North Korea

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Chan Han Choi was arrested in his Sydney unit on Saturday night

More details have emerged about the Australian man accused of being an economic agent of North Korea.

Chan Han Choi, 59 was arrested in Sydney by the Australian police and accused of mediating sales and discussing the supply of weapons of mass destruction.

The police claim that it broke internal and UN sanctions against the country in the first such case in Australia.

He was described as a "loyal agent" who believed he was acting for "a superior patriotic purpose".

Mr. Choi was born in South Korea but lived in Australia for more than 30 years and was a naturalized citizen, police said.

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He is the first person to be charged under the Mass Destruction Arms Act of Australia

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According to the Australian newspaper, the 59-year-old man was a hospital cleaner who lived alone in a rental unit in the Eastwood suburb of Sydney and was known in the local Korean Christian community. [1

9659007] Some of his former church friends told the newspaper that they had broken their friendship with Mr. Choi when he began to express support for North Korea.

He had allegedly "turned around," and frequently visited the dishonest regime, the newspaper said.

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"I hated that my husband met him and I do not like anything related to North Korea; Many people fear for their safety, "said the wife of an ex-friend to The Australian.

"All those trips to North Korea: it was very private and we thought it was very strange".

The couple said they were surprised to hear Saturday's arrest, but were not surprised. Mr. Choi had told them that he sent his own money to North Korea, they said.

His neighbors described a man who was "soft spoken," "polite," and "nice," to the local newspaper The Daily Telegraph. [19659007] Mr. Choi is the first person charged under the Australian law on weapons of mass destruction and faces six counts.

Police claim that they discussed the sale of ballistic missile technology with foreign entities and negotiated the sale of basic products such as coal, in order to raise revenue for North Korea.

He could face up to 10 years in jail and was released on bail on Sunday.

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