The NHL announced the unavailability of Evgeny Kuznetsov, Dmitry Orlov, Alex Ovchin and Ilya Samsonov due to the COVID protocol

The other shoe is dropped. The NHL has released the Washington capitals unavailability due to the COVID protocol.

Caps list is Russian: further Evgeny Kuznetsov And Alex ovchin, Protector, Dmitry Orlov, And goal Ilya Samsonov.

Earlier today, the Caps were fined $ 100,000 for violating the COVID protocol.

Being on this list does not mean that these players have COVID or even have tested positive. Some references to NHL:

As the 2020-21 season continues to balance, the NHL is sharing the names of players who are “unavailable” to the club (to practice, travel or play in the game) due to the COVID protocol. Such “COVID protocol related absences” may be the result of several factors, including others: (1) an initial positive test that remains unconfirmed until the confirmation test is completed according to the positive test protocol; (2) compulsory isolation for symptomatic individuals according to positive testing protocols; (3) the need for quarantine as a high-risk close contact according to the positive testing protocol; (4) isolation based on the results and / or results of a positive test; (5) Quarantine for travel or other reasons mentioned in COVID-19 protocol.

No additional details will be provided by the league or club, including the exact reason that the player is unavailable or how long he may remain outside.

We should have more details soon.

Update, 8:10 pm: The Capital and Alex Ovchin have issued statements.

The Caps are scheduled to host the Buffalo Sabers on Friday.

Headline photo: Elizabeth Kong / RMNB

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