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The NFL says the Raiders met Rooney Rule – ProFootballTalk

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Rooney's rule no longer exists. Or it could be. Time of death, 2:29 p.m. ET.

The NFL has reported that the Raiders complied with Rooney's Rule before hiring coach Jon Gruden.

Although they agreed to hire Gruden before firing Jack Del Rio, whose owner, Mark Davis, admitted in Gruden's press conference.

Although the two minority candidates who interviewed after they agreed to an agreement with their next coach were men without a head coach or coordination experience in the league, who did not even work as assistant coaches. They dragged Southern Cal offensive coordinator Tee Martin and tight end coach Bobby Johnson through interviews, and even interviewed Martin for a job on Gruden's team later.

But the league determined that it's okay, after talking to Gruden, Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie. They will not be punished.

By not doing anything about a flagrant violation of the rule, the NFL has set a precedent that no one will be punished for violating it.

Maybe they're waiting for a government. close today, or maybe they just do not care. But under no circumstances can anyone interested in fairness in hiring practices believe that the right thing was done here today.

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