The next Google Android security lock –

The next Google Android security lock


Android had its unwanted software policy updated this week by Google in an effort to eliminate the new tricks of the trade. Google's secure browsing will be the face of this effort, issuing warnings both on websites and in applications for malicious applications that attempt to collect personal data from users without their prior consent.

It is important as we approach the nightmarish world of 2018 that we remain vigilant about the type of data we share. Personal data must remain personal unless the person sharing it knows they are shared. It should be very simple. But because personal data is so valuable, gatekeepers like Google must fight the theft every day of the year.

The data collection requirements for applications launched and hosted by Google Play are strict and increasingly stringent. All of the data collection requirements listed by google in your Anti-Spam Policy apply to all features of all applications hosted on Google Play. This new set of rules is part of the update list of the Google Play Developer Policy this month.

A clarification of the program requirements for "Designed for families" is also included. To see this, go to Designed for Families eligibility. and take a look at the list. And do not be inappropriate!

Unrated apps also have a recently updated set of content rating rules for Google Play lists. The latest and perhaps most visible update to this month's rules are the announcements in the LockScreen rules. Basically, unless your application is made specifically for the lock screen, your application will no longer be able to run ads through the lock screen.

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