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The next Fallout 76 patch will bring some much-needed corrections

Screenshot: Kotaku (Fallout 76)

Fallout 76 He's getting another big patch on December 4 that will start trying to solve some of the biggest problems in the game, said Bethesda today on Reddit. In addition, the company said it plans to be more communicative in the future about what the Fallout 76 The team is working and when new updates for the game will come out.

"We did not want you to think that silence meant nothing was happening," wrote Bethesda. "We are sorry and understand that this was not the right approach, and we will work to make a better bridge between you and the development team at BGS."

Among the priorities for the December 4 patch:

  • Increase stash sizes. The size of the stash, which players have been asking the company to increase at the start of its beta version in October, will increase from 400 to 600 pounds. Bethesda said the number is still on the conservative side, and that he is still looking for ways to increase even more in the future, if he can do so without making the game more unstable. Instead of something more drastic, an additional 200 pounds will continue to be a relief to all those who spent the last two weeks looking at their inventory and deciding which of their beloved weapons they will discard.
  • Improving loot drops for hard bosses. The booty has also been a big concern, especially as more and more players hit. Fallout 76The final game, which revolves around the sections of the map to make more powerful monsters appear. These bosses, including those of the Queen of the scorpion beast, can be true bullet sponges, and yet they do not always drop anything of real value to high-level players. Bethesda was not very specific, but she did say that after the patches next week they would be guaranteed at least two or three valuable items for killing difficult bosses.
  • Free at last Players who have suffered the failure that causes them to remain trapped within their Energy Armor will eventually be released from their horrible torment, since that fault is being repaired.
  • No more excessive recoil: At present, Fallout 76The reappearance system forces overburdened players to reappear in Dome 76. After the patch, they can finally reappear at the nearest discovered spot on the map, instead of the other side.

Bethesda also offered a brief overview of the planned changes for another update on December 11, including the addition of push to talk on the PC, the ability to respond to characters after level 50 and the ability to load on a server where no There is the player's field. It is no longer occupied by another person. Currently, when this happens, the new player who arrives breaks his camp and stores it again in the building's menu.

Someone guesses at this point whether the corrections in these upcoming patches will make the game crash less, or if changes in things like the size of the hideout will actually create more problems. At least Bethesda has started to try to be more open about what comes along the way, instead of simply releasing updates on players when they are finally ready.

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