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The next character of Apex Legends could be the brother of Bangalore – Rant Game

Since the incorporation of Octane, the developer Respawn Entertainment has been relatively calm with the new characters. Apex LegendsA new piece of history has been presented in Bangalore, many believe that the developer might be saying that his next character is his brother. There has been a Wattson, who has been rumored for a long time, who is supposedly the next character, but since it was never confirmed, there is not much to continue.

The piece of the story revealed by Respawn is an investigation about the Frontier War by the fictional Outlands Journal. Apparently, these reporters noticed a black box of an IMC ship down, and showed the voices of Lt. Jackson Williams and First Class Sergeant Anita Williams (laughter is the real name of Apex Legends"Bangalore."

The black box reveals a perimeter check that fails on the two characters mentioned above in a 406-T code. Shortly after an explosion occurred, and the tape ended with Bangalore screaming for the name of his brothers. the Apex Legends the associated illustrations here are here to get here brother, but your informed statement is not so clear.

It seems that Bangalore does not remember any of the events, since they are registered in the black box, believing that the events described happened before Thanksgiving and not closer to Christmas (as indicated). She also remembers having grabbed the waiting area, but not if she looked for her brother or he searched here. The Outlands Journal states that it is a matter of premature death, since it seems to be a mysterious disappearance that helped generate ideas that the next Apex Legends The character could be Lieutenant Jackson Williams. Added to this speculation is Bangalore's claim that his brother is not dead.

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Of course, if this were the case, we would probably find out in E3 2019, where it is confirmed that EA is showing the real battle title. Apex Legends'Season 2 Battle Pass is scheduled to be revealed, which probably means that important details like the new characters will also be part of the presentation. Ultimately, we'll have to wait and see if the next new character is really a brother or not.

Apex Legends It is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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