The next & # 39; View & # 39; of Apple TV + science fiction and TV drama will cost $ 15 million per episode

Apple has several original TV programs in the pipeline for its upcoming Apple TV + streaming service, and a new report from The Wall Street Journal It badyzes the large budgets involved in these productions as competition increases among competing broadcast services eager to win over audiences in a market dominated by companies like Netflix and HBO.

According to the report, Amazon and Netflix have increased original content budgets in recent years. Netflix originally spent $ 4.5 million per episode on "House of Cards," but now many newcomers have to spend between $ 8 million and $ 15 million per episode on original content to compete with established services.

For example, Disney Star Wars "The Mandalorian" split costs almost $ 15 million per episode, according to the people who spoke WSJ. As for Apple, it is said to be spending almost $ 15 million per episode to produce the sci-fi drama "See," starring Jason Momoa or "Game of Thrones" and Aquaman fame.

In the case of Apple's "See", the cost has approached $ 15 million for each episode of approximately 60 minutes, according to a person familiar with the matter. That's more than the cost of a typical independent feature film.

"See", set centuries in the future after a virus destroyed a large part of the Earth's population and left the survivors blind. The images show that the Apple programming event featured Mr. Momoa ready for battle along with dozens of actors in the sweep of residences filmed in the fields and forests of British Columbia.

This type of average episode figures can easily exceed $ 150 million per season, or as much as a typical big-budget movie. A determining factor, according to the report, is that high-profile television programs are available next to the theatrical films available for transmission in the same service, so the original programming can not risk being seen as B material next to the films.

Apple is working on dozens of original television shows and films with directors, producers and high-profile actors. It was reported that the company had a budget of around $ 1 billion for its original content and television programs in 2017.

It is not clear if Apple's budget has increased since then, but as the WSJ The report concludes, a certain power comes with paying large sums of money for the actors of the list A, as it tells other actors and principals that Apple is committed to writing large checks for their best shows.

For example, Apple has signed an agreement for two seasons of the morning drama "The Morning Show," starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. According to a report in January 2018, the two key stars will earn $ 1.25 million per episode.

Apple TV+, Apple's new television broadcast service will arrive this fall. It will be available on all devices where the TV application is available, which includes iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and more Apple TV, along with the mac. There is no TV application for Mac at this time, but Apple plans to present one later this year.

Apple has not yet announced the price of the service, but it is free and the shows will be available to view on demand. For more information on Apple TV+, be sure to check our Apple TV + guide.

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