The new V-MODA sports headphones are all about the bass and the fit

V-MODA has presented and launched a new set of in-ear hearing aids focused on the exercise, the V-MODA BbadFit. In fact, these are not only a new hearing aid solution focused on the exercise of the high-end audio company, but are actually their first product designed specifically for this target market. In addition to presenting the new BbadFit headphones, V-MODA also confirmed that its new product aimed at active users is now available for purchase in the US. UU Directly from the company's website, as well as select retailers, including Amazon. In terms of price, the V-MODA BbadFit has come with a price of $ 130 attached, and can be purchased in a mainly black or white color.

With a name like BbadFit It probably should not be surprising that these headphones are positioned and oriented to overcome two pain points often badociated with intra-ear headphones. The first is the adjustment with these headphones designed to offer an option for those who need a tighter fit during more vigorous activities. The second is an option that provides an additional bbad beat compared to the current cut of intra-ear hearing aids. It is most beneficial for those who seek a tighter fit and higher lows in a single product. At the point of sound quality, V-MODA has not provided many specific specifications to digest, in addition to indicating that the headphones use dynamic drivers of 10 mm that have been specially tuned to ensure that the response of the bbad is good enough as to not only complete a workout but also drive the gym. -the ones that will work harder. In addition, the company states that this emphasis on the bbad does not have a cost for the rest of the frequency response range, which results in a well-balanced sound in general thanks to the "vivid media" and the "vivacious stress-free"Tops. This is in addition to the headsets compatible with the Qualcomm aptX and AAC wireless codecs that should help maintain superior audio quality when transmitting via Bluetooth.

In addition to the sound quality, and also the basis of the other main point of sale, the adjustment, V-MODA declares that its BbadFit headphones use a patent pending "TriFit"Technology that allows users to choose the most appropriate exact fit for their individual ear shape and size. Like the ear hooks that fit securely over the ear, the fins that adapt to the shape of the ear, as well as the option to use both stabilization methods at the same time for greater safety and a better fit in general . The three different adjustment settings can be seen in the images below.

Background: Although it is essentially a debut product of the company, V-MODA is no stranger to audio products in general and, in general, manufactures a series of high-end solutions, including headphones. In fact, the company often focuses on offering a "broad sound stage". where the listener can enjoy an experience that best explains the feeling of space; In other words, V-MODA likes to provide a sound quality that allows listeners to feel as if they are standing in front of a stage when an artist or band plays, instead of simply channeling the sounds into the ear. A feature that is often touted with the company Crossfade line of products, and one that also seems to have migrated now to the new BbadFit headphones with V-MODA that directly references those provided "vast stage of 3D sound"Sound quality that is offered with your latest product.

The BbadFit headphones are also designed to last long periods of time when they are far from charging, since the included battery has a nominal capacity of more than eleven hours in a single setting. A quite remarkable duration in comparison with the products that have a design and purpose similar to these. When the time is less complacent, it is said that an additional charge is available upon request of up to 2.5 hours in exchange for a fast 15 minute charge. Another outstanding feature of the company is the use of a magnetic element in the design that allows the user to join the two sides. The goal is to make it easier for consumers to keep using headphones around their necks when they are not in use for playback. This also adds to a more robust and lighter construction quality in general with the company that claims that BbadFit headphones are resistant to sweat and weather, and are equipped with a tangle-free cable.

Impact: It could be said that the BbadFit V-MODA has arrived on the market a bit late, considering that there are already a large number of options available that are specifically adapted to sporty and fitness-minded users. So many that there are many options available also in the different prices that represent almost every conceivable budget. To add to this, these have also come at a time when several consumers are seeing the added value that is offered with the true wireless headsets. Although the true wireless segment is not necessarily the most ideal choice for sports users due to its more limited battery life, less ergonomic adjustment and the propensity to signal reliability issues, companies that are already focused on the market segment of Physical conditioning have begun to offer true wireless options that are more cured for runners and gym goers and realize those flaws. Again, at prices that have become very competitive lately, and which are actually directly comparable to this semi-wireless V-MODA option.

This does not mean that the V-MODA BbadFit can not, or can not find a place for itself in the sports market, since any product that arrives with sufficiently decent characteristics at a sufficiently competitive price will be taken seriously. In addition, V-MODA is a company that has already established its reputation and has created a user base for itself that immediately offers a viable market for this product. As is always the case with audio products in general, the test will be largely in the pudding, since the success of these hearing aids will probably depend on whether or not it is proven as described. If they do, then it is logical that they are worth the sale price.

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