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If you're coming back, you'd better come back with a punch. Taylor Swift has always been an artist that the public has continued to keep up to date. Whether it's hitting her dating cycles, criticizing her dance moves or talking about how she's a big influence, Swift has been a constant topic of conversation for many entertainment fans.

Keeping a low profile before the release of the album, Swift certainly differs from other artists. The album, "Reputation", is the perfect definition of a comeback.

The songs on this album cover a wide variety of topics, from the abuse he suffered during his career to his admiration for his new relationship with British star Joe Alwyn. Swift has strategically planned a masterpiece of an album, not only to defend himself but also to address what is happening in his life.

These are just some of the songs on the album that stood out as very representative of the new sound with which Taylor Swift is experimenting.

"Look what you made me do"

"Old Taylor can not talk on the phone right now, why, oh, because she's dead." This line, from the first single released by "Reputation", It makes everyone question who the new Taylor is.

Moving away from the traditional rhythms that accompany many of Swift's songs, this song has a more severe and direct tone, as needed to convey the message. Finally she defends herself and speaks against the numerous rumors that have surrounded her entire career.

While there was a lot of judgment about the release of this single, the music video put it all together.

The music single video was released on August 27 of this year and supports the single in a very artistic way. Throughout the video, we see Swift in numerous different scenarios, playing with the many rumors that have been raised about her. Ultimately, it ends with her facing many people and coming out as this new and improved version of herself.

It is empowering and shows its true backbone. What better way to handle the rumors than to tackle them head on?

"This is why we can not have good things"

Whether it's physical badets or relationships, everything is hard to maintain, and that's why Swift addresses it in "This is why we can not have things good". "

Relatable on many levels, this song addresses the many losses we experience throughout our lives, a great relationship.

" That's the only friend you've lost lately … mmmm, if not you were so shady. "God knows who Swift is addressing now, but we should be glad we did it because this is something that many people can not only relate to, but also relate to.

Swift has always been someone who has written music that speaks to his audience, not only is it good for people to see it as a role model, but it also gives people security in the sense that it makes you realize that everyone is going through situations very similar, even celebrities like Taylor Swift.

"Delicate" [19659006] Is that self-adjustment what we hear? And an EDM incorporation?

Taylor Swift is clearly keeping up with current musical trends, since e EDM seems to be a mbadive addition to many modern successes. Polar opposed to his clbadic country days, this song adds a twist and a new sound that we have never heard of it.

The song maintains a constant rhythm, one that can make you want to easily turn up the volume in your car.

It is clear that he is singing about a budding relationship, possibly the current one with the British star Joe Alwyn. She is addressing the delicacy of new relationships, and adding how she has a bad reputation shows her authenticity through music.

While the song is certainly slower, its lyrics and rhythm keep you listening.

"… Ready for that?"

Ready for what? The new Taylor? I do not know, but I want to find out.

This was the second single released from "Reputation", creating a great expectation. The song can be interpreted in many ways, but in general it has a very intense and rebellious atmosphere.

The main rhythm of the song sounds like something you might hear in a movie ad, it's not something we're used to hearing from Swift. .

The music video that accompanies it has a very retro and independent aesthetic, and Swift has painted herself to look attractive and powerful. This is a big breakthrough when you compare it to one of your old music videos (like "Love Story").

Fans should have been prepared for it, since the song has been in the top spots for 10 weeks. , arriving at No. 4.

"End Game"

In this song, Swift is accompanied by Future and Ed Sheeran, which adds a variety that will blow the fans out of the water. Each of them contributes with a very different sound that unites the song in a very ingenious way.

The song in general is quite simple, but the vocal variety makes it. We hear Swift's belts, Future's tone and Sheeran's rebaduring voice, all articulated in one, giving this song a nice rhythm for listeners to enjoy.

"Call it What Want"

In this song, Swift sings about the love support that many find in a relationship. At first, she mentions how she "snatched her crown." Could this be a reference of Kim and Kanye? Who knows.

But he also mentions the support he receives from a relationship, which not only gives people the hope that bad cycles can end, but also allows fans to know the positive aspects of Swift's life. She does a great job of showing that she is not just trying to become the victim. She is very carefree defending herself, as she does throughout a large amount of the album.

While this is just a mild summary of some of the songs on the album, these are some of those that stand out with their meaning.

In general, the album gets four out of five stars. It's a unique mix of different sounds and it's a completely new side to Taylor Swift. Throughout the album we hear a lot of what has been going on during his two-year hiatus.

We love seeing big comebacks, especially from the best artists. Swift's "Reputation" is a positive representation of his musical transition, as well as a direction towards a fall that seems to allow Swift to show his true colors.

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