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The new studio of Halo Co-Creator reveals its first game, a science fiction FPS

The new study of Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, V1 Interactive, finally revealed his first project. It's a first-person shooter of science fiction called Disintegration. The trailer and the key art, which you can see below, represent a mega-weapon of some kind.

The disintegration is set to "unveil itself completely" during Gamescom next month, so check back with GameSpot for more information.

Lehto is the president and director of games at V1 Interactive. Before this, he launched a teaser image that showed something of the world of Disintegration that represented a city / settlement that had seen better days. Destiny's gift vibes.

"The opportunity to create not just a new game, but this whole study has been exciting," Lehto said in a statement. "It's great to be able to share what this amazing team has been working on, and we can look forward to presenting this new game that our team is building for the world next month."

Subtitles are not provided

The private division will publish the disintegration, which is the independent publication arm of Grand Theft Auto and the parent company of Red Deadline Take-Two Interactive. Private Division also publishes The Outer Worlds, which is the intriguing sci-fi RPG game from the developer of Fallout: New Vegas Obsidian, along with the ambitious PC and console game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey from the creator of Assassins Creed Patrice Desilets.

The beginning of the disintegration is scheduled for the year 2020. A specific launch date has not yet been announced, although there is still no information on platforms.

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