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The new solution for the keyboard of the Apple MacBook is reassuring and worrying at the same time

You can know if you feel safe or if it is Apple's last attempt to address your butterfly keyboards. I think they are both, because on the same day Apple announced a revised version of its MacBook Pro keyboard that supposedly it will not they were paralyzed by more dust specks, including those new keyboards in the same free repair program designed to place customers whose keyboards do fail.

As Owen Williams points out, it's strange:

If you are sure that Apple is trying to sweep this problem in the back, it is easy to do so: The construction is a mystery because Apple does not know that you are insufficient. Because if the keyboards are better, why would we need Apple's promise to replace them if they break?

I think it's an unfair assumption, especially until we've seen inside these new Macs. As far as we know, Apple has eliminated the problem. We really know it until after months of use in the real world, if there is one. But if you are sure that Apple has a solution and is really trying to do the right thing with your customers, today's movement is still not totally reassuring.

Personally I think it's great that Apple repair or replace any MacBook keyboard with butterfly switches for four years after the sale date. It would definitely make me feel better when I bought one.

And it's definitely a clearer and easier-to-trust message than the one Apple sent in July 2018, when the company claimed it I did not have He tried to solve the problem with his third generation butterfly keyboards, but his internal service documents and demolitions are a different story. So, Apple's keyboard repair program only covered the first and second generation butterfly keyboards, which means you'd have to rely on third generation models, a jump that Apple itself did not even admit: It could have ended badly, since, apparently, it can also be knocked down by dust.

Now, MacBook Pro buyers can say that "there is less chance than ever that these newly modified keyboards will break and Apple will support me even if they do."

But those same buyers should also think about whether they should buy a laptop that could be a victim of this problem. absolutely. Even if Apple will replace your keyboard for the first four years, how big is it? What happens if the Apple techno can reproduce the problem the day you go to buy your precious machine working in an Apple Store? What happens with the fifth year, if you keep laptops for so long? What happens to the resale value?

If Apple had really solved the problem with a new keyboard design, which could be, if the rumor of a 16-inch MacBook Pro by the end of this year is true, it's a different story. But for now, Apple has chosen to illustrate how each of its modern laptops has the potential to succumb to this failure.

To be fair, Apple is in a difficult position here. The MacBook has a serious image problem due to these keyboards (not to mention "Flexgate" and the initial protest that the MacBook Pro was for professionals). Even if Apple had discovered a keyboard solution, it would not have been enough for the company to say "we think we have these specific models" because not everyone is ready to buy a MacBook Pro 2019 equipped with a high-end Touch Bar. . The company needs to sell the 12-inch MacBook, the new MacBook Air and the low-end MacBook Pro, and now Apple reveals that all its Mac save the new ones they are defective

It's much easier to tell everyone "This is weird and, if it affects you, it will take care of you" and finally you'll have the problem of the Flexgate screen on the MacBook Pro 13-inch 2016. And it's even easier to say that. every The MacBook with a butterfly keyboard will be taken care of, because the buyers will have that extra friction or they will discover if they are buying the straight MacBook to avoid possible keyboard waste.

They will only buy MacBook and will trust that, if something bad happens, Apple will probably help. At least after journalists write first-hand stories convincing enough to show Apple where its reputation for quality could improve.

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